Saturday, December 24, 2011

24 December 87.5kg

Yep put on a bit since relaxing a bit after Week 12 finished. I got lazy and slacker with my eating.
Its ok, I'll lose it again. Its not good because I should be under 85kg by now.

I have joined for Round 1, 2012 already. Preseason starts Jan 16 and the Round officially starts Feb13.
I plan to be under 85kg by Feb 13 and end the round at 75kg.
I am thinking of getting a personal trainer for January to give me a good kick start to the year. I sent an online information request form to a PT place today. So that is my first step.

My biggest challenge in 2012 is getting to 75kg and finding the time to exercise while working full-time. I'm going to start by getting up at least 3 mornings a week at 7.30am to walk the dogs. Then ramp it up to 4 days a week at 7am. That should get me close enough to getting up at 5am-6am on work days won't be too much different.

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