Monday, October 31, 2011

31st October - 88.7kg stagnant

I need to get to 85kg by Dec 4th. 5 more weeks.
I've been slack - I eat too much. Must correct that.

I am moving more than I ever have. I am fitter and stronger than ever in my life.
But to lose weight I need to curb my eating.
I know what to do, its just the little 'never minds' here and there.

Today I wrote down all my meals for the week - I am planning.
I also wrote down all my exercise for the week - more planning.
And I stuck them on the wall.

No icecream
No timtams

Snacks will be fruit, low fat jelly, plain popcorn, hot drinks

I will get to 87kg soon and then 86, then 85kg.
And then I will start Round 1 2012 under 85kg and get into the 70's!
Just thinking of being in the 70s feels so good.
I want to feel it for real.

Importantly I need to active losing 3 more kilos for this round by Dec 4th.
It is possible, I just need to focus and be really determined.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blog Challenge from

1. Describe in 25 words or less (why is it always 25 words) the you that you were before 12wbt
- I was recovering from an illness and putting on weight. I decided to stop putting on weight, but it kept loading up and I thought oh-oh, I'm going to be 100kg if I don't put a stop to this.

2. Now - who are you now??
- I am the fittest I have ever been in my life. I feel great. I am losing weight and getting healthier.

3. What has been the hardest thing to make habit THIS ROUND?
- exercising and 1200 cals a day

4. What has been easier to make habit than you thought it would be?
- exercising

5. How has your body changed THIS ROUND?
- it feels better, it feels sexier, it feels stronger

6. How has your mindset changed this round?
- My mindset has changed in ways i never imagined possible

7. Finish this sentence "I now know I am strong because ..."
- I know I am strong because I can do anything I set my mind to and I still surprise myself

8. Finish this sentence "I am proudest of ...."
- I am proudest of my exercise efforts

9. Finish this sentence "In 8 more weeks you will see me ...."
- In 8 more weeks you see less of me, a more toned me, a vibrant excited me who ah never been happier.

10. What word applies to you now - that you never would have used before 12wbt?
- Physically strong

18th Oct Tuesday 88.8kg

Had a good food day yesterday and also did Body Pump, CXWorks and Thump Boxing back to back. Feeling amazing after that. Hoping weight will drop a good amount by tomorrow morning for the week 6 weigh in. I need to be very good today and have a very low cal day.

Dr Kamale said I looked just fantastic, and he said that my eight keeps going down. He has me down as 108, 103, 98, 85, 91, 88 something like that. He said I should stay between 122-144 heart rate, but if i wanted to, he had 'no problem with boxing 2-3 times a week but try not to go over 170 bpm'. He sent me off with a blood test form, for a full screen for Dr Cunningham 13/12 and to check thyroid levels because if thyroid levels are not right then that would be an issue. He also checked my blood pressure, it was about noon and it was 121/82 or something like that - he said very good.

I worked out the other day I need a waist of 80cm to be healthy, and to stop risk of diabetes - currently I am 105cm
I worked out that to have a healthy BMI I need to be in the 60kg range
So that means I have another 20kg to lose - but I'm just going to take it 5kilos at a time.

There are 7 weeks left to 12WBT Round 3. If I lose half a kilo a week I will be under 85kg by Dec 4th.
Then I can head to the 70kg range :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

15th Oct Sat 88.8kg

Weight is back on track. Was 88.5 yesterday.
Bought boxing gloves, pads, wrist wraps and a bag for the gym during the week. Then I realized that I should check with my doctor about the intensity of my exercise with my blood pressure issues. Bugger. I hate that I have to watch it for that, I'm loving pushing myself, especially in boxing but my heart rate is at 170-180bpm then I have a feeling it's too high. Doctors appointment is Monday, specialist appointment is 13 Dec.

Went to the gym today but only did half an hour. Felt so tired, lacked energy. Did 15 mins on the treadclimber and 15 on the expresso bike. Burned 270 cals. There is not enough air in that gym. I need air, I always need slot of air, but I also sweat alot. Some people don't sweat much at all and they don't like the fans on. There is pump instructor who doesn't like airconditioning or fans on. I'm like WTF?? I'm dying here! I'm the person who positions herself where the air hits best.

Got a bit annoyed as well. Infinallybfound a little device that is an FM radio. Well it plays FM radio but it can't get the radio stations at the gym. I don't know if something is wrong with my device or something is wrong with the gym, and in suspect its the gym. I look forward to moving to a new gym. I'll miss the classes and the instructors, and the other particpants but not the gym itself.

Well I'm aiming for the 87's now.....bring them on, it seems such a long hard slog to get here. But I'm liking feeling more fit and healthy, even if the scales aren't moving down as much as I would like. It's frustrating but I have to keep going and push on. I know the results are there for the taking if I just keep going.

Monday, October 10, 2011

89.2kg start of a new week, pulling myself together after a bad week

I felt do badlast week, what a roller coaster it was.
I felt great doing a double class on Monday but in the week I fell off the wagon three or four times, put on 2kg at one point!

I have identified that when I do well such as a double class, a massive cal burn or a great weigh in, I then allow myself to eat more and move less...and thereby undo my good work. Guilt then sets in, as does eating more and moving less and a cycle starts that is no good.

Today is a new day, a Monday, the start of Week 5 of the 12WBT and a new start for me.
I undertake to be consistent this week.
Eat 1200 cals a day.
Burn 5000 cals 5 days a week, 1000 1 day a week.

I started by keeping under my cals and doing a triple calls set tonight ( Body Pump, CXWorks, Thump Boxing) and burning 1038
Thump Boxing instructor Kate is wonderful
Body Pump instructor Leanne?? Is nothing short of awesome.
I feel strong. In feel good.
I know weigh in this week might record a gainer no loss, but I won't let that get me down.
I'm working towards week 6 weight in and week 12 achievement. I can't wait to feel how I will a Christmas.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Bad week.
Monday I did backmto back pump and boxing, burned 1000 cals was so happy.
Tuesday I was sore so did not exercise, andnlet myself eat a little more than I should (should have stuck to strict clean eating!)
Wednesday I had weigh in, was sorer than Tuesday so only burned 200 cals walking the dogs, ate too much, not heaps, but over 1200 cals.
Thursday burned 10000 , ate clean
Fri burned 500 cals, ate ok
Sat feeling weak and weird, burned 500 cals in pump + 15 mins cardio, ate bad at night Inc salami, bi is hits and Icecream with Milo
Sun burned 500 cals doing pump and cardio
I'm working hard, eating too much. Still I don't think that explains 500g increase. I was 2nd over we'd weight Friday night.
It's frustrating. very very frustrating.
But the good thing is I don't feel like giving up.
Another good thing is that I am in the 80s and there are still 8 weeks to go on the 12WBT Round 3.
I want to end this at or under 85kg. So to do that I need tom decrease my weight by 500g every week.
I just don't know how I can donthat this Wed when that's a kilo from where I am now.
I'll just whati do and keep going.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

88.7kg 800kg loss for theprevious week

3.7kg lost since August - 800g lost since last week.

Preseason start weight August 92.4kg
Sept 7 90.9kg week before week - 1.5kg
Sept 14 90.5kg week 1 weigh in - 400g
Sept 21 90.1kg week 2 weigh in - 400g
Sept 28 89.5kg week 3 weigh in - 600g
Oct 5 88.7kg week 4 weigh in - 800g

800g loss this week. I was hoping for a kilo but I'm thrilled. A few hours later I did weigh a kilo less thannlast week, but it doesn't matter.
3.7kg gone

Very sore yesterday and today, did no exercise yesterday and only 200 cals burned walking dogs today. Not eating well yesterday and today. This is wrong. If you cant exercise you must eat especially clean.
Others on the program are losing the same as me, some less but alot of people are losing 1-2nd a week. It's tempts me to follow the food part of the program strictly. It really does. But then I wonder if I would be able to keep the weight off beter than this who followed the program strictly.... I don't know.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

88.6kg Yes!

On Sunday I was 89kg. Had a free eat whatever day, went to a gourmet supermarket, had bits of nibbles and different things. Brought home no cheese though I adore it. Didn't eat heaps, I was careful, but inate way way way more than I should have all the same.

On Monday the scales sucked at 89.5kg. So I went to the gym after an early dinner at 5pm, and I did a Body Pump class followed by my first Thump Boxing class and burned 1095 calories. Then this morning I weigh 88.6kg! Yes!!! So happy! Soooo rewarding! I just want to record a good weight tomorrow ornign for my official weigh in.

I'm proud of myself because I tried a Body Step class for the first time last week and a Thump Boxing class for the first time this week.
Thump Boxing is great.
All fitness levels can do it, but if you can't go on the cross trainer or treadmill for 20 minutes yet, I'd wait, it keeps you moving alot.
You do alot of boxing and kicking and in-between some pushups, some sits ups, some lunges, some light running.....not heaps, but some. If everyone is doing 10 pushups, you can do 2 - i did 3 LOL.
So glad I did it. Will go back every week.

NB. Deficit calorie calculation is tweaked
Calories eaten 1200 - BMR 1623 - calories burned 550 = deficit of 973 / 1 kg per week loss (correction or being more specific below)
Updated to
Calories eaten 1200 - BMR 1623 - calories burned 550 = deficit of 973 a day, 973 x 6 days = 5658 is estimated 0.5 kg per week loss
This 0.5kg loss is exactly what I have been getting.
Now that I am upping the cal burn, I may startlosing a bit more than 0.5kg a week,

Monday, October 3, 2011


Buggar. Put on half a kilo with my indulgences last night. We went to a gourmet supermarket and bought salmon skewers, garlic prawns, salt and pepper calamari, salami, almond bread, mango and macadamia Icecream. I did not pig out, in just had a little bit of this and little bit of that. But too much over-all.

In the morning I saw a 500g increase in weight and felt guilty,regretted it. Nut not altogether. We love food and its a big part of my life. I guess when I am at goal weight I can just work off the calories. But right now I am trying to lose weight I have to be careful.

Well today I did a Body Pump class and then a Thump Boxing class, back to back, and I burned 1095 calories.
I was really proud of myself because i really pushed myself in both classes. In pump I increased my weights. In Thump Boxing, which I didn't plan, I was just watching the class and the instructor got me in, I was so fatigued but I kept going and I did good actually. it's hard work. Its alot of cardio but also used alot of arm muscles for punching and leg muscles for kicking and squats, push-ups, lunges are involved a little bit.

I feel so good when I do things like this.
To think that in March I could not even vacuum my lounge room or walk more than 200 meters, to think that a month ago was burning 300 calories and wondering how i could burn 500 calories, to think that i now do pump classes, tried a step class last week, tried Thump Boxing this week, didd two classes back to back, know how to use treadclimber, the rowing machine and the expresso bikes at the gym, that i have a gym membership and go every day and burn 500 cals minimum, burned 1000 Fri, 800 Sat, and 1095's pretty amazing.... And it feels good,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

89kg 3.5 kilos lost in 6 weeks

89kg, finally getting out of the 89kg range....again. I was 89.1kg last week, I can't explain why my weight went up and then stayed up all week, despite me burning 500 cals every day, 800 at least on Friday and also Saturday which probably broke through it. Now I have to see that it doesn't go up again. I don't mind it going up a couple of hundred grams and then down into the 88kgs. But if next week is spend in the 89s again, I'll be very frustrated.

This week coming is Week 4 of the Michelle Bridges 12 WBT Round 3.

Up until now I have been working on how to burn 500 cals a day. I've been trying different exercises. I've been trying different recipes and eating more healthily. I've beennlosing on average 500g a week since mid August and have lost 3.5 kg in 6 weeks.

Week 3 was the first week I burned 500 cals min, 6 days a week.
Week 3 was the first time I tried a Body Step class
week 3 I joined a gym and started using cardio equipment
Week 3 my weight was stagnant all week and I put on 500g so it was a bit tough but I kept going

So week 4
- I will be better with food
- I will have my second week of burning 500 cals min 6 days a week
- I will weigh in with a number starting with 88 (fingers crossed)
- I will have my 3rd Sat of burning 800 cals minimum
- I will Definitely break into the 88 kilo range ( down from 92kg +)
- I will walk my dogs as well as go to the gym ( I have been going to the gym instead of walking the poor babies)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

89.4kg SSS& first Body Step class

Burned 800 cals. Did my first Body Step class this morning. It was intense, alot of work, but not impossible. The hardest thing is the speed of the moves. I couldn't keep up most of the time, but I'll go again. Burned 500 cals so it's a good workout. I'm really proud of myself for just getting in there and giving it a go.

Special K for breakfast and left over tuna and veggie lasagne for lunch.