Monday, November 14, 2011


So close to the 86's. So exciting!
Then I can focus on the 85's, then getting under 85 into the 84s.....and then on getting into the 70s!! OMG.

I did Day 1 Week 1 of the C25K again today. I am supposed to have a day rest in-between to help muscles repair, but I felt so ok and I really wanted to do it. I did it, my legs and ankles hurt a bit, but I just jogged lightly. My knees hurt at first so I tried hard to jog in the lights way I could for my knees and the pain went away.

Had Muesli for breakfast and a mountain bread wrap with ham, 1 slice of Jarlsberg lit, rocket and tomato for lunch.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

87.4kg C25K Day 1 Week 1 - Woo Hoo!

I'm at risk of not making into the 86s for Wednesday, so I really need to work hard. Slept in this morning and missed my Body Combat class. But I did get out and do Day 1 Week 1 of the C25K (Couch to 5km) running program. I'm using the NHS Choice podcasts - its done by the British National Health Sciences area and it was recommended to me. Here is there website

I can hardly believe I have even considered the program but I was intrigued by the posts on the 12WBT forum about it and started asking questions. It felt hard, more unnatural and like hard work I really didn't want to do than 'hard'. After the 3rd run I thought I couldn't do anymore but it seemed to get better and then before I knew it I only had 2 more runs to go. So I did it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

87.5kg 9th November

Very happy to be in the 87's. Slow journey, but I'm not complaining. Here is my progress during the Michelle Bridges 12WBT
Week 0 - 92.4kg
Week 1 - 90.5kg
Week 2 - 90.1kg
Week 3 - 89.5kg
Week 4 - 88.7kg
Week 5 - 89.5kg
Week 6 - 88.7kg
Week 7 - 88.7kg
Week 8 - 87.7kg
Week 9 - 87.5kg

Next week I will be in the 86' and then I will have 2.5 weeks to get into the 85's to meet my goal of being 85.something by the end of the challenge on Dec 4th. It will be amazing to be in the 85's instead of the 95's!

I'm doing Thump Boxing classes which is really a bit of boxing and cardio and a bit of strength training - a good mix. I do Body Pump - all strength training. I started Body Combat on Sunday and went again tonight and it mainly cardio work. I wish I wasn't so uncoordinated and learned more quickly, but I'll hopefully get there. I have the thought during the class tonight that I just can't do it - but I want to get good at it. I also intend to get back into Body Balance and do that sometimes too.

I've been sticking to 1200 calls 6 days a week. I'm using more and more of the program meals and some are fabulous, most are pretty good.

So I'm focusing right now on getting to 86 next week, and then 85 in a fortnight.
When I make this goal by Dec 4 then I will focus on maintaing and slowly get to under 85 and stay there until the new year. I'm intending on joining Rond 1 for next year Day 1 of Preseason an zoo how close I can get towards 70 before Day 1 starts. Then I'll get into the 70's in Round 1 - Maybe I can be close to 75kg by my birthday. That's kind-of exciting to think about.

Oh and I can 10 pushups on my toes now!! When his started in August I could do 2 on my knees and that was it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1st Nov 2011 88.1kg Hope tomorrow to weigh in the 87 kilo range!

Melbourne Cup Day, the quietest one ever for me. Went to the gym and did a Pump/CXWorks combo class. Did Pump Sat, Pump Sun, Boxing Monday, Pump/CXWorks today, Boxing tomorrow, might try Body Combat Thursday, Boxing or Pump Friday, Step or Pump Sat, rest Sunday.

Its so weird that I go to the gym every day, never used to do much exercise exempt walk the dogs - but I do and I enjoy it. Weight is starting to shift again. There are 5 weeks left of Michelle Bridges 12 WBT and I want to make the most of it. In the last few weeks I have stayed the same after a significant gain. I need to get in the 85 kilo range by Dec 4. I need to make a significant effort. Well I need to keep up the exercise I am doing and keep doing it consistenty AND focus on the food.

I think it was all so new to me and the exercise was such a huge step for me that following the food as well was not something I did. I was usually staying around 1200 calls a day but probably averaging more like 1400 and every few days I'd have 5 timtams or a bowl of ice-cream or something else stupid.

I realise what a lot of people say, especially those that get injured, that they can lose weight just by following the food program. Its 80% about what you put in your mouth. So now that I have exercise under control, I need to focus on my food.

To lose weight in the next 5 weeks by Dec 4 I need to;

> Keep up the exercising and be consistent
> Write down my exercise plan and put it on the wall each week
> Do not over do the exercise, it ends up a bad thing rather then a good thing
> Seriously focus on the food
> Write down my food plan for the week and stick it up on the wall
> No huge bowls of ice-cream, 5x tim tams or other such extreme indulgences
> Keep posting and reading on the WBT forums

What I have learned the most so far is;

> Our mindsets change for the better if you listen to all Michelles videos and stay on the forums. You get a healthier and more realistic attitude to things and when/if you go off the rails a bit, you just pick yourself up and move forward
> It feels good to be getting fitter and stronger - it must be what we are supposed to be like
> Doing things with other people, sharing the journey with like-minded people makes it easier
> The scales are just one measure of making a positive different to ourselves. There is body shape (photos), the way clothes fit, body fat % and the tape measure. don't get hung up on the scales alone - especially if you don't have massive amounts of weight to lose.
> What you put in your mouth is really important. Good choices make all the difference.
> Eat slowly, think things through - practise mindfulness so you are really conscious of your decisions and the outcomes of those decisions.
> what I am today is due to the choices I made yesterday is my favourite new saying

What I plan for;

> I plan to reach the 85 kilo range by Dec4.
> I plan to be under 85kg by end of the year.
> I plan to keep losing weight.
> I plan to join Michelle Bridges 12WBT Round 1 for 2012 and get into the 70kg range.

Challenges I need to be prepared for;

> A few things in my life will be very different in 2012, including that I will be working full time.

The biggest challenges people in general have on the 12WBT that I have noticed;

> Time is one of the biggest challenges for exercise, for full time working people.
- Make a plan and make it happen, adjust to do what you can because doing something is better than doing nothing.

> Discipline in regards to food is a challenge for many people
- Practising mindfulness, listening to Michelles videos, just keep trying to get better, keep a food diary

> The scales not reflecting what is expected
- Measure yourself, take photos in nickers and bra from and back and compare, just keep going

> Being too hard on ourselves
- Focus on wins and moving forward, think in ways that are healthy and pull you up and forward. Dismiss those that don't. Take control o your head.

> The ability to keep going
- This gets easier as the weeks go on. if you keep going you are heading in the right direction. Even if you put weight on some weeks, as long as you yoyo down more than you yoyo up, then you are heading in the right direction. If you quit, you gain nothing.

> Not focusing on what we have achieved, rather getting down about what we haven't done too well.
- Focus on achievements and building on those achievements

> Injuries
- Listen to your body. Avoid injuries where-ever you can. Rest if you need to. Stop if you need to. Take a break from exercising for a couple of days if you need to.

> Undoing good work by rewarding ourselves
- A pattern many people discovered during this round was that when we have a great weigh-in or feel like we have done well, we somehow allow ourselves a little leeway, a few indulgences....and promptly undo all our hard work. Then we post on the 12WBT forum that we stuffed up and feel miserable. We need to understand that we do this and be very mindful of it, so that when we do good, we build on that rather than undoing it.

Planning is the key. Planning your exercise. Planning your food. Planning how you will build on your successes with keep you focused and making the most of your achievements during a certain time period like the 12WBT.