Saturday, December 24, 2011

24 December 87.5kg

Yep put on a bit since relaxing a bit after Week 12 finished. I got lazy and slacker with my eating.
Its ok, I'll lose it again. Its not good because I should be under 85kg by now.

I have joined for Round 1, 2012 already. Preseason starts Jan 16 and the Round officially starts Feb13.
I plan to be under 85kg by Feb 13 and end the round at 75kg.
I am thinking of getting a personal trainer for January to give me a good kick start to the year. I sent an online information request form to a PT place today. So that is my first step.

My biggest challenge in 2012 is getting to 75kg and finding the time to exercise while working full-time. I'm going to start by getting up at least 3 mornings a week at 7.30am to walk the dogs. Then ramp it up to 4 days a week at 7am. That should get me close enough to getting up at 5am-6am on work days won't be too much different.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Its Week 12 of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and I hit the 85s. Very happy.
Need to keep the weight off and get into the 84s, and keep going to get to the 70 kilo range.

Monday, November 14, 2011


So close to the 86's. So exciting!
Then I can focus on the 85's, then getting under 85 into the 84s.....and then on getting into the 70s!! OMG.

I did Day 1 Week 1 of the C25K again today. I am supposed to have a day rest in-between to help muscles repair, but I felt so ok and I really wanted to do it. I did it, my legs and ankles hurt a bit, but I just jogged lightly. My knees hurt at first so I tried hard to jog in the lights way I could for my knees and the pain went away.

Had Muesli for breakfast and a mountain bread wrap with ham, 1 slice of Jarlsberg lit, rocket and tomato for lunch.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

87.4kg C25K Day 1 Week 1 - Woo Hoo!

I'm at risk of not making into the 86s for Wednesday, so I really need to work hard. Slept in this morning and missed my Body Combat class. But I did get out and do Day 1 Week 1 of the C25K (Couch to 5km) running program. I'm using the NHS Choice podcasts - its done by the British National Health Sciences area and it was recommended to me. Here is there website

I can hardly believe I have even considered the program but I was intrigued by the posts on the 12WBT forum about it and started asking questions. It felt hard, more unnatural and like hard work I really didn't want to do than 'hard'. After the 3rd run I thought I couldn't do anymore but it seemed to get better and then before I knew it I only had 2 more runs to go. So I did it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

87.5kg 9th November

Very happy to be in the 87's. Slow journey, but I'm not complaining. Here is my progress during the Michelle Bridges 12WBT
Week 0 - 92.4kg
Week 1 - 90.5kg
Week 2 - 90.1kg
Week 3 - 89.5kg
Week 4 - 88.7kg
Week 5 - 89.5kg
Week 6 - 88.7kg
Week 7 - 88.7kg
Week 8 - 87.7kg
Week 9 - 87.5kg

Next week I will be in the 86' and then I will have 2.5 weeks to get into the 85's to meet my goal of being 85.something by the end of the challenge on Dec 4th. It will be amazing to be in the 85's instead of the 95's!

I'm doing Thump Boxing classes which is really a bit of boxing and cardio and a bit of strength training - a good mix. I do Body Pump - all strength training. I started Body Combat on Sunday and went again tonight and it mainly cardio work. I wish I wasn't so uncoordinated and learned more quickly, but I'll hopefully get there. I have the thought during the class tonight that I just can't do it - but I want to get good at it. I also intend to get back into Body Balance and do that sometimes too.

I've been sticking to 1200 calls 6 days a week. I'm using more and more of the program meals and some are fabulous, most are pretty good.

So I'm focusing right now on getting to 86 next week, and then 85 in a fortnight.
When I make this goal by Dec 4 then I will focus on maintaing and slowly get to under 85 and stay there until the new year. I'm intending on joining Rond 1 for next year Day 1 of Preseason an zoo how close I can get towards 70 before Day 1 starts. Then I'll get into the 70's in Round 1 - Maybe I can be close to 75kg by my birthday. That's kind-of exciting to think about.

Oh and I can 10 pushups on my toes now!! When his started in August I could do 2 on my knees and that was it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1st Nov 2011 88.1kg Hope tomorrow to weigh in the 87 kilo range!

Melbourne Cup Day, the quietest one ever for me. Went to the gym and did a Pump/CXWorks combo class. Did Pump Sat, Pump Sun, Boxing Monday, Pump/CXWorks today, Boxing tomorrow, might try Body Combat Thursday, Boxing or Pump Friday, Step or Pump Sat, rest Sunday.

Its so weird that I go to the gym every day, never used to do much exercise exempt walk the dogs - but I do and I enjoy it. Weight is starting to shift again. There are 5 weeks left of Michelle Bridges 12 WBT and I want to make the most of it. In the last few weeks I have stayed the same after a significant gain. I need to get in the 85 kilo range by Dec 4. I need to make a significant effort. Well I need to keep up the exercise I am doing and keep doing it consistenty AND focus on the food.

I think it was all so new to me and the exercise was such a huge step for me that following the food as well was not something I did. I was usually staying around 1200 calls a day but probably averaging more like 1400 and every few days I'd have 5 timtams or a bowl of ice-cream or something else stupid.

I realise what a lot of people say, especially those that get injured, that they can lose weight just by following the food program. Its 80% about what you put in your mouth. So now that I have exercise under control, I need to focus on my food.

To lose weight in the next 5 weeks by Dec 4 I need to;

> Keep up the exercising and be consistent
> Write down my exercise plan and put it on the wall each week
> Do not over do the exercise, it ends up a bad thing rather then a good thing
> Seriously focus on the food
> Write down my food plan for the week and stick it up on the wall
> No huge bowls of ice-cream, 5x tim tams or other such extreme indulgences
> Keep posting and reading on the WBT forums

What I have learned the most so far is;

> Our mindsets change for the better if you listen to all Michelles videos and stay on the forums. You get a healthier and more realistic attitude to things and when/if you go off the rails a bit, you just pick yourself up and move forward
> It feels good to be getting fitter and stronger - it must be what we are supposed to be like
> Doing things with other people, sharing the journey with like-minded people makes it easier
> The scales are just one measure of making a positive different to ourselves. There is body shape (photos), the way clothes fit, body fat % and the tape measure. don't get hung up on the scales alone - especially if you don't have massive amounts of weight to lose.
> What you put in your mouth is really important. Good choices make all the difference.
> Eat slowly, think things through - practise mindfulness so you are really conscious of your decisions and the outcomes of those decisions.
> what I am today is due to the choices I made yesterday is my favourite new saying

What I plan for;

> I plan to reach the 85 kilo range by Dec4.
> I plan to be under 85kg by end of the year.
> I plan to keep losing weight.
> I plan to join Michelle Bridges 12WBT Round 1 for 2012 and get into the 70kg range.

Challenges I need to be prepared for;

> A few things in my life will be very different in 2012, including that I will be working full time.

The biggest challenges people in general have on the 12WBT that I have noticed;

> Time is one of the biggest challenges for exercise, for full time working people.
- Make a plan and make it happen, adjust to do what you can because doing something is better than doing nothing.

> Discipline in regards to food is a challenge for many people
- Practising mindfulness, listening to Michelles videos, just keep trying to get better, keep a food diary

> The scales not reflecting what is expected
- Measure yourself, take photos in nickers and bra from and back and compare, just keep going

> Being too hard on ourselves
- Focus on wins and moving forward, think in ways that are healthy and pull you up and forward. Dismiss those that don't. Take control o your head.

> The ability to keep going
- This gets easier as the weeks go on. if you keep going you are heading in the right direction. Even if you put weight on some weeks, as long as you yoyo down more than you yoyo up, then you are heading in the right direction. If you quit, you gain nothing.

> Not focusing on what we have achieved, rather getting down about what we haven't done too well.
- Focus on achievements and building on those achievements

> Injuries
- Listen to your body. Avoid injuries where-ever you can. Rest if you need to. Stop if you need to. Take a break from exercising for a couple of days if you need to.

> Undoing good work by rewarding ourselves
- A pattern many people discovered during this round was that when we have a great weigh-in or feel like we have done well, we somehow allow ourselves a little leeway, a few indulgences....and promptly undo all our hard work. Then we post on the 12WBT forum that we stuffed up and feel miserable. We need to understand that we do this and be very mindful of it, so that when we do good, we build on that rather than undoing it.

Planning is the key. Planning your exercise. Planning your food. Planning how you will build on your successes with keep you focused and making the most of your achievements during a certain time period like the 12WBT.

Monday, October 31, 2011

31st October - 88.7kg stagnant

I need to get to 85kg by Dec 4th. 5 more weeks.
I've been slack - I eat too much. Must correct that.

I am moving more than I ever have. I am fitter and stronger than ever in my life.
But to lose weight I need to curb my eating.
I know what to do, its just the little 'never minds' here and there.

Today I wrote down all my meals for the week - I am planning.
I also wrote down all my exercise for the week - more planning.
And I stuck them on the wall.

No icecream
No timtams

Snacks will be fruit, low fat jelly, plain popcorn, hot drinks

I will get to 87kg soon and then 86, then 85kg.
And then I will start Round 1 2012 under 85kg and get into the 70's!
Just thinking of being in the 70s feels so good.
I want to feel it for real.

Importantly I need to active losing 3 more kilos for this round by Dec 4th.
It is possible, I just need to focus and be really determined.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blog Challenge from

1. Describe in 25 words or less (why is it always 25 words) the you that you were before 12wbt
- I was recovering from an illness and putting on weight. I decided to stop putting on weight, but it kept loading up and I thought oh-oh, I'm going to be 100kg if I don't put a stop to this.

2. Now - who are you now??
- I am the fittest I have ever been in my life. I feel great. I am losing weight and getting healthier.

3. What has been the hardest thing to make habit THIS ROUND?
- exercising and 1200 cals a day

4. What has been easier to make habit than you thought it would be?
- exercising

5. How has your body changed THIS ROUND?
- it feels better, it feels sexier, it feels stronger

6. How has your mindset changed this round?
- My mindset has changed in ways i never imagined possible

7. Finish this sentence "I now know I am strong because ..."
- I know I am strong because I can do anything I set my mind to and I still surprise myself

8. Finish this sentence "I am proudest of ...."
- I am proudest of my exercise efforts

9. Finish this sentence "In 8 more weeks you will see me ...."
- In 8 more weeks you see less of me, a more toned me, a vibrant excited me who ah never been happier.

10. What word applies to you now - that you never would have used before 12wbt?
- Physically strong

18th Oct Tuesday 88.8kg

Had a good food day yesterday and also did Body Pump, CXWorks and Thump Boxing back to back. Feeling amazing after that. Hoping weight will drop a good amount by tomorrow morning for the week 6 weigh in. I need to be very good today and have a very low cal day.

Dr Kamale said I looked just fantastic, and he said that my eight keeps going down. He has me down as 108, 103, 98, 85, 91, 88 something like that. He said I should stay between 122-144 heart rate, but if i wanted to, he had 'no problem with boxing 2-3 times a week but try not to go over 170 bpm'. He sent me off with a blood test form, for a full screen for Dr Cunningham 13/12 and to check thyroid levels because if thyroid levels are not right then that would be an issue. He also checked my blood pressure, it was about noon and it was 121/82 or something like that - he said very good.

I worked out the other day I need a waist of 80cm to be healthy, and to stop risk of diabetes - currently I am 105cm
I worked out that to have a healthy BMI I need to be in the 60kg range
So that means I have another 20kg to lose - but I'm just going to take it 5kilos at a time.

There are 7 weeks left to 12WBT Round 3. If I lose half a kilo a week I will be under 85kg by Dec 4th.
Then I can head to the 70kg range :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

15th Oct Sat 88.8kg

Weight is back on track. Was 88.5 yesterday.
Bought boxing gloves, pads, wrist wraps and a bag for the gym during the week. Then I realized that I should check with my doctor about the intensity of my exercise with my blood pressure issues. Bugger. I hate that I have to watch it for that, I'm loving pushing myself, especially in boxing but my heart rate is at 170-180bpm then I have a feeling it's too high. Doctors appointment is Monday, specialist appointment is 13 Dec.

Went to the gym today but only did half an hour. Felt so tired, lacked energy. Did 15 mins on the treadclimber and 15 on the expresso bike. Burned 270 cals. There is not enough air in that gym. I need air, I always need slot of air, but I also sweat alot. Some people don't sweat much at all and they don't like the fans on. There is pump instructor who doesn't like airconditioning or fans on. I'm like WTF?? I'm dying here! I'm the person who positions herself where the air hits best.

Got a bit annoyed as well. Infinallybfound a little device that is an FM radio. Well it plays FM radio but it can't get the radio stations at the gym. I don't know if something is wrong with my device or something is wrong with the gym, and in suspect its the gym. I look forward to moving to a new gym. I'll miss the classes and the instructors, and the other particpants but not the gym itself.

Well I'm aiming for the 87's now.....bring them on, it seems such a long hard slog to get here. But I'm liking feeling more fit and healthy, even if the scales aren't moving down as much as I would like. It's frustrating but I have to keep going and push on. I know the results are there for the taking if I just keep going.

Monday, October 10, 2011

89.2kg start of a new week, pulling myself together after a bad week

I felt do badlast week, what a roller coaster it was.
I felt great doing a double class on Monday but in the week I fell off the wagon three or four times, put on 2kg at one point!

I have identified that when I do well such as a double class, a massive cal burn or a great weigh in, I then allow myself to eat more and move less...and thereby undo my good work. Guilt then sets in, as does eating more and moving less and a cycle starts that is no good.

Today is a new day, a Monday, the start of Week 5 of the 12WBT and a new start for me.
I undertake to be consistent this week.
Eat 1200 cals a day.
Burn 5000 cals 5 days a week, 1000 1 day a week.

I started by keeping under my cals and doing a triple calls set tonight ( Body Pump, CXWorks, Thump Boxing) and burning 1038
Thump Boxing instructor Kate is wonderful
Body Pump instructor Leanne?? Is nothing short of awesome.
I feel strong. In feel good.
I know weigh in this week might record a gainer no loss, but I won't let that get me down.
I'm working towards week 6 weight in and week 12 achievement. I can't wait to feel how I will a Christmas.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Bad week.
Monday I did backmto back pump and boxing, burned 1000 cals was so happy.
Tuesday I was sore so did not exercise, andnlet myself eat a little more than I should (should have stuck to strict clean eating!)
Wednesday I had weigh in, was sorer than Tuesday so only burned 200 cals walking the dogs, ate too much, not heaps, but over 1200 cals.
Thursday burned 10000 , ate clean
Fri burned 500 cals, ate ok
Sat feeling weak and weird, burned 500 cals in pump + 15 mins cardio, ate bad at night Inc salami, bi is hits and Icecream with Milo
Sun burned 500 cals doing pump and cardio
I'm working hard, eating too much. Still I don't think that explains 500g increase. I was 2nd over we'd weight Friday night.
It's frustrating. very very frustrating.
But the good thing is I don't feel like giving up.
Another good thing is that I am in the 80s and there are still 8 weeks to go on the 12WBT Round 3.
I want to end this at or under 85kg. So to do that I need tom decrease my weight by 500g every week.
I just don't know how I can donthat this Wed when that's a kilo from where I am now.
I'll just whati do and keep going.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

88.7kg 800kg loss for theprevious week

3.7kg lost since August - 800g lost since last week.

Preseason start weight August 92.4kg
Sept 7 90.9kg week before week - 1.5kg
Sept 14 90.5kg week 1 weigh in - 400g
Sept 21 90.1kg week 2 weigh in - 400g
Sept 28 89.5kg week 3 weigh in - 600g
Oct 5 88.7kg week 4 weigh in - 800g

800g loss this week. I was hoping for a kilo but I'm thrilled. A few hours later I did weigh a kilo less thannlast week, but it doesn't matter.
3.7kg gone

Very sore yesterday and today, did no exercise yesterday and only 200 cals burned walking dogs today. Not eating well yesterday and today. This is wrong. If you cant exercise you must eat especially clean.
Others on the program are losing the same as me, some less but alot of people are losing 1-2nd a week. It's tempts me to follow the food part of the program strictly. It really does. But then I wonder if I would be able to keep the weight off beter than this who followed the program strictly.... I don't know.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

88.6kg Yes!

On Sunday I was 89kg. Had a free eat whatever day, went to a gourmet supermarket, had bits of nibbles and different things. Brought home no cheese though I adore it. Didn't eat heaps, I was careful, but inate way way way more than I should have all the same.

On Monday the scales sucked at 89.5kg. So I went to the gym after an early dinner at 5pm, and I did a Body Pump class followed by my first Thump Boxing class and burned 1095 calories. Then this morning I weigh 88.6kg! Yes!!! So happy! Soooo rewarding! I just want to record a good weight tomorrow ornign for my official weigh in.

I'm proud of myself because I tried a Body Step class for the first time last week and a Thump Boxing class for the first time this week.
Thump Boxing is great.
All fitness levels can do it, but if you can't go on the cross trainer or treadmill for 20 minutes yet, I'd wait, it keeps you moving alot.
You do alot of boxing and kicking and in-between some pushups, some sits ups, some lunges, some light running.....not heaps, but some. If everyone is doing 10 pushups, you can do 2 - i did 3 LOL.
So glad I did it. Will go back every week.

NB. Deficit calorie calculation is tweaked
Calories eaten 1200 - BMR 1623 - calories burned 550 = deficit of 973 / 1 kg per week loss (correction or being more specific below)
Updated to
Calories eaten 1200 - BMR 1623 - calories burned 550 = deficit of 973 a day, 973 x 6 days = 5658 is estimated 0.5 kg per week loss
This 0.5kg loss is exactly what I have been getting.
Now that I am upping the cal burn, I may startlosing a bit more than 0.5kg a week,

Monday, October 3, 2011


Buggar. Put on half a kilo with my indulgences last night. We went to a gourmet supermarket and bought salmon skewers, garlic prawns, salt and pepper calamari, salami, almond bread, mango and macadamia Icecream. I did not pig out, in just had a little bit of this and little bit of that. But too much over-all.

In the morning I saw a 500g increase in weight and felt guilty,regretted it. Nut not altogether. We love food and its a big part of my life. I guess when I am at goal weight I can just work off the calories. But right now I am trying to lose weight I have to be careful.

Well today I did a Body Pump class and then a Thump Boxing class, back to back, and I burned 1095 calories.
I was really proud of myself because i really pushed myself in both classes. In pump I increased my weights. In Thump Boxing, which I didn't plan, I was just watching the class and the instructor got me in, I was so fatigued but I kept going and I did good actually. it's hard work. Its alot of cardio but also used alot of arm muscles for punching and leg muscles for kicking and squats, push-ups, lunges are involved a little bit.

I feel so good when I do things like this.
To think that in March I could not even vacuum my lounge room or walk more than 200 meters, to think that a month ago was burning 300 calories and wondering how i could burn 500 calories, to think that i now do pump classes, tried a step class last week, tried Thump Boxing this week, didd two classes back to back, know how to use treadclimber, the rowing machine and the expresso bikes at the gym, that i have a gym membership and go every day and burn 500 cals minimum, burned 1000 Fri, 800 Sat, and 1095's pretty amazing.... And it feels good,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

89kg 3.5 kilos lost in 6 weeks

89kg, finally getting out of the 89kg range....again. I was 89.1kg last week, I can't explain why my weight went up and then stayed up all week, despite me burning 500 cals every day, 800 at least on Friday and also Saturday which probably broke through it. Now I have to see that it doesn't go up again. I don't mind it going up a couple of hundred grams and then down into the 88kgs. But if next week is spend in the 89s again, I'll be very frustrated.

This week coming is Week 4 of the Michelle Bridges 12 WBT Round 3.

Up until now I have been working on how to burn 500 cals a day. I've been trying different exercises. I've been trying different recipes and eating more healthily. I've beennlosing on average 500g a week since mid August and have lost 3.5 kg in 6 weeks.

Week 3 was the first week I burned 500 cals min, 6 days a week.
Week 3 was the first time I tried a Body Step class
week 3 I joined a gym and started using cardio equipment
Week 3 my weight was stagnant all week and I put on 500g so it was a bit tough but I kept going

So week 4
- I will be better with food
- I will have my second week of burning 500 cals min 6 days a week
- I will weigh in with a number starting with 88 (fingers crossed)
- I will have my 3rd Sat of burning 800 cals minimum
- I will Definitely break into the 88 kilo range ( down from 92kg +)
- I will walk my dogs as well as go to the gym ( I have been going to the gym instead of walking the poor babies)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

89.4kg SSS& first Body Step class

Burned 800 cals. Did my first Body Step class this morning. It was intense, alot of work, but not impossible. The hardest thing is the speed of the moves. I couldn't keep up most of the time, but I'll go again. Burned 500 cals so it's a good workout. I'm really proud of myself for just getting in there and giving it a go.

Special K for breakfast and left over tuna and veggie lasagne for lunch.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Later on Friday

Well I feel good for burning so many calories today. I suspect my HRM reported my cal burn too high, but I still did 1 HR and 50 minutes of exercise and for 80% of that time heart rate was 144- 170 bpm so at a guess it would at least be 800 cals which is pretty good.

I had a mountain bread wrap for lunch with avocado, roast beef, pepper and rocket. For dinner I made the tuna and veggie lasagna, and it was really good. I was famished so I had two serves but I still have 1000 deficit cals.

Blog question: What is my definition of health?

I am healthy;
- When my BMI is in the healthy range
- When my blood pressure and cholesterol are in normal ranges
- When I have work/life balance
- When I have inner calm and peace
- When I sleep well and wake up feeling good

89.6kg, can't shake this extra 500g since Sunday :(

Grrr It's annoying me thati was 89.1kg on Sunday and 89.6kg Wednesday and still today Friday. Well nothing I can do but increase my diligence with food choices and keep exercising.

I did a 500 cal cardio burn at the gym Wed and Thurs. I did a pump class followed 50 minutes of cardio today and burned 1000 cals. That is my first ever 1000 cal burn. The two Saturdays I burned 800 cals.

I have a few gripes about the gym, but I just need to not worry about it. However I'm going to list them here to get them off my chest.

- The gym alters it's timetable and staples the adjustments to a printed copy available near reception. It does not update it's website.
- The gym alters it's timetable and does not make sure thelarge timetable board near the drink fountain also reflects the changes. In fact today the website, the timetable atbreception and the large timetable on the wall near the water fountain were all different. I just think that is unnecessary and unprofessional. They should have all three places aligned by the time the gym opens this morning.
- People lay on the floor between bicycle equipment and have phone conversations, so no-one can use the cycle on either side of them and no staff member tells them move.
- There are TVs on you turned into a radio and listen to whichever channel you like. Well some people don't have headphones and just turn the TV up to super loud so they can hear it. But it's so loud that I can't hear my audiobook and I find it so noisy and awful, and no staff member changes this either. Yesterday it was some guy who wanted to watch a baseball game and today it was a guy wanting to watch the rally driving in W.A
- In the Pump Class we are in a workout room with floorboards, and one lady drops her barbells from like foot up and they make a BIG bang, so rude, so thoughtless, would be damaging the floor, and the instructor never asked her to please put them down rather than drop them.
- At other gyms at other Pump classes, there is a rule no- one can join the class 5 minutes after start time. Well people were waltzing in up to nearly 15 minutes after and weaving their way through the class setting themselves up
- People in that class were talking to each other throughout the class. I'm trying to listen to the instructor so I can improve my technique and these women behind me are all yelling above the music and the instructor having a good chat about the weekend.

deep breath....Ahhh I feel better now!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

89.5kg 600g loss

Well I did not make my goal of 1kg lost in the last week. I did on Sunday but....well, maybe next week..
Sept 7 90.9kg week before week 1
Sept 14 90.5kg week 1 weigh in - 400g
Sept 21 90.1kg week 2 weigh in - 400g
Sept 28 89.5kg week 3 weigh in - 600g

Went to the gym for the first time, the new one I signed up to last night. I intended to go to a Body Vibe class because a description I saw on the gym timetable said it's a combination of cardio and strength. But when ingot there, a poster explained it's actually toning work on a ball. I walked away and went to the equipment area downstairs. I knew I wanted to use the tread climber, the rowing machine and the bike with the computer screens and graphic with great scenery (it's like riding along a nice bike path, or a circuit, or a mountain track....whatever you choose).

So I went to reception and told them I didn't know how to use the equipment. They got a PT to come and show me, and I did 20 minutes on each and burned 500 cals. Each is different. The tread climber was the hardest work but my heart rate came up very quickly. The bike was handwork too and I don't have the hang of the gears yet but it's fun, and the rower was really easy and my heart rate was easily in the mid 140's.

What am I doing?

I record every bit of food and cup of tea, everything in a food diary (including daily weight and exercise).
I am active in the WBT forum and the DOL Michelle Bridges thread - keeps me focused.
I burn 500 cals a day M-F (usually mid week I have a day I only get to 250 cals though)
I burn 800 cals on Saturdays (so far not able to get to 1000)
I rest on Sunday
Sunday night is my treat night
I have muesli or special k for breakfast every day except Sunday
Sunday I have an egg on toast, grilled tomatoe, a little bacon for breakfast

I lose on average 500g a week.
I have lost 3kg since preseason started (mid August) in about 6 weeks.

What am I going to change?

I'm going to burn 500 cals every day M-F without exception
I'm going to try to get over 1000 cals on SSS this Saturday
I'm going to eat better on Sundays
I'm going to eat better every day
I do succumb to snacks I shouldn't have sometimes, I'll get better at that
I'm going to be strict with food Monday and Tuesday for the week 4 weigh in on Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mish's Reflection, Recognition and Recommittment exercise

Mish says "I want you to reflect on the three main areas where you are having setbacks. It could be around dinner time portion sizes, eating after dinner, skipping breakfast, skipping workouts etc. Let’s face it, we’re pretty predictable. What you had trouble with yesterday, I’m guessing you’ll struggle with today. Whatever area’s you are struggling with. I want you to write down:"

WHAT - it is you are struggling with
- My answer: Consistency in eating well, sticking to no more than 1200 cals, and exercising every day 500 cals M-F, 1000 Sat. So far I'm doing ok. I've had one a day a week where I feel too tired and lethargic and burn only 200+ cals, but at least I do something. Mostly I am sticking to under 1200 cals.

WHY - this is a problem
- My answer: This is a problem because I quit last time, and I don't want to quit. I want to change my lifestyle, my focus in life, my quality of life, my length of a healthy good life. I want to be able to be a size 12 so I can buy anything in any store.

HOW - are you going to fix this?
- My answer: Continue planning and improve my planning of food and exercise. At the moment I do it the night before the day. Now that I have joined a -gym I can focus on that gym and the one timetable instead of three. I'm going to try different exercises, different machine, I am going to try weights and maybe Thump Boxing, swimming and different Les Mills classes to shake up my options and keep me from getting bored.


WHAT - are the main head space changes you have noticed
- My answer: I have a can do attitude now. I find that getting into the action of exercising, of eating well, using my food diary, using this blog, getting better with my snacks etc gets me motivated to do it more and do it better.

HOW - is this affecting your life and/or how you feel
- My answer: I feel sexy and confident and powerful and beautifully in control. I'm excited about how I will be at Christmas. I'll be hospital exit weight and not that people noticed I'd lost weight back then, but that doesn't matter. What will matter is that I'll be back to post hospital weight but healthy and strong!

WHAT - can you do to ensure these headspace changes keep occurring
- My answer: Keep using MyNetDiary to record wight, food and exercise. Keep on the WBT forum. Keep planning. If things don't go well, just get on with it. Never ever quit.

WHAT - are your new one month goals.
- My answer:
- By end of October I will weigh 87kgs, losing weekly over 4 weeks 2x500g and 2x1kg
- By end of November I will be in the 85kg range
- By end of December I will be under 85kg, in the low 80kg range

HOW - are you going to get there
- Continue to plan, but plan weeks, not days in advance

COMMIT - Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and re-commit. Take it day by day, meal by meal, workout by workout. Remember it’s the tiny little decisions every day that are the important ones. Get on top of these and you’ll be on-top of the world.
- I am committed to this.

Consistency is key - not perfection! In fact it’s my type A perfectionists that often flop because of the pressure they put on themselves. I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I do expect you to remain consistent.

And if any of you pull out the ‘Oh it’s all too hard’ card - I’ll be sending you one big ‘wet-fish slap’ from me to you! You want to know about all too hard? Try carrying an extra 10-50kg around 24/7. Try coping with the gamete of diseases that follow on from ill health. Try being burdened with the emotional strain that comes with being unhealthy. Then, and this is the cherry on top, try passing all of these things onto your children. Which road do you think will be the harder road, long term?

I’m not denying that what we are doing here is tough. Breaking lifelong habits is very hard. But that’s why we’ve got each other here for support. That’s why I’ve developed this program, to give you the tools to completely transform your life. Believe it or not, this doesn’t have to be hard. Some members have fun, enjoy the process, and I have no doubt that each and every one of you has the inner strength to make this happen.

As soon as you realize that NO-ONE else can do this for you. That YOU have to find the inner strength to do this for yourself, the sooner you will feel empowered, driven and motivated to be the BEST version of yourself. You deserve this. I believe that you CAN do this. Now YOU’VE got to believe it.

Mish xxx

89.3kg Yes!

Ok, so 89.3kg today, and the scales nearly gave me 89.2kg. I just need to be 89.1kg tomorrow so I will have made a 1kg loss in the last week on the 12WBT.

I feel tired but going to a Body Ump class, did one last night and I'm sore so nit sure I should but I'm going to see what it does, last nights only burned 300 cals andi usually burn 400 cals, but. Am finding instructors are doing different releases, i think they don't like the current one and last nights just didn't have alot of high heart rate work in it, even though I was using 7kg in weights.

I meeting a friend for lunch today, she has a new assignment starting any day now so we are taking advantage of today. But she has chosen Asian food so it's going to be difficult to choose something light and low in sodium. I am focused on being 89.1kg tomorrow which means a drop of 400g today and then another 200g tomorrow. It's doable because I was 89.1kg on Sunday morning.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Got to get to my pump class. I'm tired but I'm happy that I am so focused and doing so well. A kilo loss in a week is very cool! Please please please let me be 89.1kg tomorrow morning!!

Had lunch at a Vietnamese place in BoxHill, ordered chicken in vermicelli soup, plain, tasty and hopefuly low in calories. Sodium is the risk factor for that dish. Had left over chicken curry for dinner. Had a few biscuits, should be ok.

Went to Genisis fitness Gym to talk about their services and membership. I contacted three local gyms and Genisis was the only one that was super friendly and helpful, and made a time for me to go in and meet with her. I went and she like 12 LOL but very lovely, showed me around and signed me to a 12 month membership with a get out clause if I move house. Its only $17 a week ( less than the price of a single casual class) no joining fee. They have Body Pump, Body Step, Body Vive, body Step, Body Combat, two squash courts, spa and sauna, heaps of cardio equipment, heaps of weights, a cycle room, a lounge area, a 25 m pool.

I'm so proud of where I am. I am loving getting fitter and healthier. I laugh when I think about how every day I consider which gym classes or work I'll do the next day. I love how focused I am on health and fitness and I love how good I feel. I feel in control, and very lucky to be not working so I can focus on this stuff. I bought anlittle dress/tunic in Toorak the other day, so cute! And I know I could not wear that if I weighed 5kg more than I do now. In it feel pretty and feminine. I know I'm a bigger girl, but I feel sexy and fab.

Monday, September 26, 2011


So I'm up almost 700grams in a day. This is because Sunday is my treat night, but I had no desert, no snacks. I plan to be extremely careful today and tomorrow for my weigh in on Wed which I need to be 89.1kg to make a one kilo loss in the last week. I'm a bit could I put on 700g overnight Sunday and lose that by Wednesday morning - yikes! Well, time will tell.

I have decided to join my local gym/recreation centre. It's $38 a fortnight and worth it since I do two pump classes a week. I might start doing laps in the pool and start to use the gym too, and maybe try a different type of class like Body Combat. I stopped going to Body Balamce though in was enjoying it. It's just that I am so focused on burning calories I just feel it's not high enough intensity for my current purposes.

Today I'm doing a blog questionnaire from the Courage To Start Blog here

1. Describe yourself in 25 words or less.
Warm, loving, soulful, powerful, flawed, soft and beautiful.

2. What brings you to 12wbt?
Weight loss primarily brings me to the 12WBT. I'm getting older and I want t be as fit and healthy a I can so I can get the most out of life as long as I can. I've always loved life and being in hospital earlier this year gave me a newfound appreciation for life.

3. Why do you blog?
I blog because it keeps me focused on weight goals, and it also gives me a reference to reflect back on. I find it healthy and therapeutic too.

4. Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why?
There is no one stand out as there are many people, but two that come to my mind almost immediately are John Tozer, a man I met at work, a stubborn interesting and charistmatic Buddhist man who I learned alot from and who has inspired me in ways that have made me so much better and richer and made my soul soar. The other is Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth for much the same reason.

5. What things in life bring you the most joy?

6.What do you think your greatest challenge is going to be this round?
Sticking with it to the end.

7. What are you most excited about 12wbt?
The possibilities.

8. And what scares the pants off you?
The possibility that I will not see it through.

9. Tell me - right now - today - how do you feel about exercise in no more than 10 words
Challenged at the thought of it, excited by the achievement of it. ( ok that was 12 words)

10. Complete this sentence - in 12 weeks time - on the last day of 12wbt I am going to be feeling ____ on top of the world, like I can do anything, totally inspired.

Went to Body Pump tonight, but only burned 300 cals. Butit was a slow class, maybe it depends on the instructor. Inam finding that various instructors are doing different older versions of the class instead of the version for now and I think this is because the current version is so lunge heavy. I'm trying to work out which gym to go to because my local doesn't have body combat and the classes are sporadic. There is one 10 minutes away, and it has more classes but it's not as nice and it's very expensive. So I found a Genisis gym a few minutes away and it has Thump Boxing classes, Body Combt, Sh Bam and a pool and lots of pump classes. So I have a meeting at 5pm tomorrow there.

I need to choose a gym or else will be going to all three and paying $20 a session which is too much.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

89kg Woo Hoo

89kg today. Hoping....aiming to be 89.1kg at least for my weigh in on Wednesday.
Did SSS and burned 800 cals again....DVD+ elliptical and a pump class. It made me feel awesome, on top of the world, later that day I bought myself a new blouse, a pretty flowing light one for summer.

So far have avoided the flu my son has. I'm taking immune boosters and gargling with betadine. I get tingles in my throat but seem to be keeping that at bay with the gargling. I so want to avoid it!

Thinking out aloud, if I can lose 400 g by mid week 2
1kg week 3
500g week 4
1kg week 5
500g week 6 and so on, I can be 87kg by week 5 and
86kg week 6
85.5kg week 8
84.5kg week 9
84kg week 10
83kg week 11.... OMG that would be awesome!
82.5kg week 12 Dec 4
81.5kg Dec 11
81kg Dec 18
I could be in the 70kg range by end of the year if I don't over indulge during Christmas! What a great motivation to be good during Cristmas!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Yippee! 89.4kg Back in the 80's

So happy to be 89.4kg this morning. I'm definitely progressing well. A month ago I was 92.4kg, 3kg lost in a month... not too bad, but not super great. 5kg would be super great in a month. I wonder how on Body Trim people lose an average of 5kg in the first week....seems impossible.

Anyway, I'm happy because I'm exercising and eating well, and losing weight. I'm not following the 12WBT to the letter, but I am focusing in 1200 cals a day in food, 500 cals a day burned and its working. I love trying her recipes, they are inspiring in their healthiness and simplicity.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

90kg getting there

Ok heading down again. I expect to be in the 89.7 kg range in a few days.I'm looking forward to being 87 kg so I know I won't go into 90kg overnight. Of course under 85kg is more ideal for that!

To lose 1kilo I need to be 89.1kg next Wednesday. Some people on the 2WBT lost 1.5kg and over 2kg in just one week. I don't know how that is achieved. It feelsimpossible formme. If I lose 500 g every week I'll be happy, any more is a bonus.

Today I bought a top size L in a regular store - I love doing that.... fitting into clothes in regular stores :)

Wed was a slow flat day again, that is two Wednesdays in a row. Not sure if it's because I am not losing as much as I wanted on weigh in day or something else. I'll see how I go next week.

Today was not so good. Got up, burned 300 cals, felt so tired. Had some appointments to get ready for, went out, was on the road and needed lunch. Had a piadina....a thick pita bread with procuitto rocket and cheese .... so not ideal and I'm sure how many cals. For dinner i had a lite n easy meal. So I think I stayed around or about 1200 cals. But I also had 5 cream biscuits, so I sat there feeling guilty for a few hours and then got on the elliptical and burned another 200 cals. Still not ideal, but it could be worse.

Son is very sick with the flu so I'm hoping to avoid it. I went to the chemist and ended up with some immunity booster tablets. Let's hope they work. The good news is I am using my food diary every day, I am exercising every day. I am not eating Michelles food strictly but I am eating 1200 cals a day and under 30-40grams of fat. I feel good. I am focused. So all is generally good. It's just that some days I feel very tired. And many days I'd really like to just pig out on cake and pork spare ribs :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

90.1kg 2nd weigh in. 400g a week loss

A 400 gram loss is definitely heading in the right direction. However I was very flat and rather crushed that it was not more like an 800g loss. Stupidly I had 3 huge bowls of broccoli soup yesterday. I made it for the family and had some and more. I thought that it was a low cal type of food and would be ok, but it seems I was wrong since I out on 200g over night.

I got so disheartened when I saw on the 12WVT forum that alot of people lost 1kg, 1.5kg, over 2nd in the time I cost 400 grams. But some people stuck to the program and put on weight and I really feel for them. I'm sure if we all just keep going, in 12 weeks things will even out and be good.

I'm aiming for > 400 g loss next Wednesday. I want to get solidly in the the 87s will make me not at risk of ever waking up finding myself in the 90s again. I need to be constant with my efforts. I need to focus. I need to take things one day at a time.

Next Tuesday, I want to have no snacks and no dinner to optimize the results for the Wednesday weigh in.

I think Sunday 4th December is the final day of Round 3 12 WBT. I want to be 85kg or less by then, I really really really do!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

89.9kg at last! Goal 1 Reached

I thought the day would never come when I'd see it, well it felt like that but in truth I knew if I oerservered i would see it.
It's been alot of work and self discipline. It feels very rewarding.
I am so comfortable in the 80's. It's still big, but I'm comfortable here.

I know my weight will probably be up tomorrow morning and I am yoyo-ing down, it's how it goes with me.
85 is my goal weight, in the 85's but I'd like to be under 85 and stay there.
I'm close. It's weird to think that I was 100kg at christmas, then sick and 85kg in March. Then 92.5kg in August.
I'm heading in the right direction.

I did a 45 minute cardio workout on the Wii, MyFitnessCoach and burned 400 cals this morning.
I need to burn 1000 cals on a Satursday accordingto the 12 WBT, but I'm not sure I can or will do that.

Friday, September 16, 2011


I think the 80's will never come!!! I have to be patient.
I'm very proud of myself. I did the MyFitnesTrainer DVD on the Wii yesterday, did an hours workout, burned 400 cals. Made the fish patties last night, healthy and delicious. Served them with a Salad of fresh rocket, yellow capsicum, fresh mango, marinated artichokes, tomato and balsamic dressing.
This morning I wentto pump class. Found it hard in bits but so glad I went. Burned 400 calories.
So the 80's should hit soon :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am so happy. I was feeling flat and lethargic after a few weeks of being good. It's like my body and my mind said "enough of this, give up now so we can go back to being sedentary, eating chocolate and cake etc".

Realizing that I was only burning 200 cals, not 500 when I got a new HRM, and then realizing I should burn 500+ cals a day it got tiring walking for an hour and a half. I got ankle weights but they cause blisters. Tried them on my wrists but they cause circulation issues in my hands. Haven't been going to pump classes.

Yesterday I did no exercise, but before bed I got myself on the elliptical and burned 250 cals.
This morning I used the Wii My Fitness Coach - Get in Shape and burned 500 calls in an hours.
Feel so good I did that.

Had a Lite n Easy Dinner last night and a Lite N Easy lunch today. Suspect they have alot more carbs than Michelle's food but as long as I stick to 1200 cals and burn 500 a day, I should be a-ok!

I'm so close to seeing the 80's again. It feels very good. It is so hard to lose weight. I don't ever to climb up again.
I want to see myself at the end of this 12 week challenge, around 10th December at around 85kg or less.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


First weigh in day on the 12WBT. I'm half a kilo from where I wanted to be, but I'm happy to be just half a kilo from my first goal - to get back into the 80's. It was only a month ago I was 92.5kg and rising up and I had to put a stop to that. I have reversed the trend and I am feeling good for it.

I am eating well.
Burning 500 cals is getting me down, it's just so many calories to burn and I am getting tired.
But I will keep going!

Monday, September 12, 2011

90.4kg Day One 12 WBT Round 3

My goal was to be in the 80 kilo range by today. I did not achieve that but I did lose 2kg so I am very happy with that and so glad to be on track and heading in the right direction. It's took a while to get into the swing of things. I was snacking and eating big, so although in was exercising alot I was putting on weight. Recording my food in my iPad app MyNetDiary every day made me realize what I was eating and how much I was snacking and I gradually got better with food.

I bought Michelle Bridges cook book and starting trying some of those recipes. I found I like mountain bread, I get the lite one it's so thin and lite and nice to eat. Before now I hated wraps.

Burning 500 cals is really hard for me. It takes an hour and a half and I get sick and tired of it. I used to burn 100 cals every ten minutes, now I only burn 70 cals every 10 minutes and nit gets me down a bit sometimes. So I try to do a bit on the elliptical. I have the cardio shredder DVD, Wii Zumba, Wii personal trainer....but have not used them yet. Need to work out how to mix it all up.

Now that I understand that I need deficit calories to lose weight, cals eaten - BMR - cals burned = deficit cals. 7000 deficit cals a week equates to a kilo of weight loss. So it motivates me to max my cals burned and min my cals eaten.

I am determined to be less than 85kg by Christmas and I'm prepared to work hard to get there. I am not prepared to give up restaurants, but I'll make it work.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


So happy to see 90.2nd on the scales. I am so close tom breaking into the 80's. But I know tomorrow will be higher, it's just how it goes. I was ok today but I ate my 1200 in cals and did next to no exercise...feeling flat and tired.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Well I'm still in the 90kg range. I felt like I eaten so much I would be over 92kg again. Last night I had various bits and pieces, silly to do. Three days til Monday so I'll just keep going and do my best til Monday....and then keep on going. Every bit counts, and I just need to keep heading in the right direction.

It's pouring with rain this morning so no walk. Got on the elliptical and burned 100 cals. Need to do that 4 more time urgh. I used to burn 100 calories every 10 minutes but now it is 70 cals per 10 minutes. The fitter I get the harder it is to burn the calories.

I am what I am today, because of the choices aide yesterday.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Too scared to weigh myself today

Did not weigh myself today. I was thinking that if my weight blew out too much it might demotivated me, make me feel down so I just did not do it. Burned 500 cals on the elliptical going on and off during the morning. Had muesli for breakfast and a mountain wrap with watercress, schpeck and a little cream cheese for lunch. Having fish for dinner, probably baked fish and a salad.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

90.9kg set back

I don't know why but yesterday and today I ate too much, and ate two rows of Lindt chocolate as well. I must have lost focus. I did exercise, and today I burned 600 cals. But it's not good enough. To reach the 80's again I need to be focused and not lapse again. Only 4 days to go.

My objective is to be very good with and focused on thai goal to be in the 80s by Monday.
Monday night is a birthday dinner night, so I have to work hard to make my goal and not get set back too much by Tuesday.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

90.3kg exactly what I wanted today

Yes! 90.3kg. It's what I predicted for today, it is what I worked for the last few days. I am so close to getting back into the 80's.
I'm still very tired. Burned 200 cals this morning on the elliptical. I don't have the energy to do more. Maybe tonight.
I'll need to do another 400 cals if I am to see the 80's tomorrow.
Mostly I need to make sure the rest of my day is very low cal.
Had muesli for breakfast and spoilt myself and had 4 little lamb French cutlets for lunch with a little mushrooms in sauce, and a slice of toast.
I think it might need to be a seafood Tom Yum for tonight.
Man I'm finding this all very much alot of hard work on my body and mentally too in the last few weeks.I have to concentrate and focus so much to get results. I look forward to being able to relax a little and having alot of this just come naturally

Friday, September 2, 2011

91kg (90.3kg after a few hours + exercise)

Happily i am on track to be in the 80kg range by Sept 12, the official first day of Round 3 of the 12WBT.
"Happily" is an understatement!
I've been struggling, exercising but gaining weight for too long.

In refernece to the title of this post, Not sure how there can be a 700 g difference in a few hours, but there was and it means I am thankfully getting things right. It's such a relief to be getting things right and it working. The only thing is where I used to be able to walk and feel like I could walk forever, in the last week when I have been pushing myself to burn 500+ cals and then aiming for 600-800 I am very tired. And my walking feels like hard work from the get-go.

I'm not sure what that is. I also find I am sleeping in later and later. So today I made myself get out of bed at 9am. Tomorrow I will target 8am. I'm just tired, sleepy, lethargic. My mind isn't though, just my body.

When I tried walking without the ankle weights, i really noticed the lower number of cals burned. So I wanted to wear them again. today I put socks under neath them to buffer against them causing blisters. Result? I lost a sock and it just did not work. So input the ankle weights around my wrists. That worked much better, though I felt a bit hot on my wrists wearing them.

I love starting my day with a good solid calorie burn. It starts my day with an awesome achievement. The rest of the day then follows nicely because I don't want to undo all that hard work, and my thoughts focus on the scalesfor tomorrow morning.

Today I am running late so I am having an optislim shake in the car. It's the first time I am having one, but it's serving it's purpose, to be a spare meal that provides my body with the nutrients it needs when I risk skipping a meal.

Later: Well the optislim shake wasn't bad and it did the trick.
What I MUST do is get up, eat, THEN exercise! I'm skipping breakfast by doing things and being busy til lunchtime. Then I get famished, absolutist famished by mid afternoon and iI could eat a horse (so-to-speak). This afternoon I had pumpkin soup with half a French Baguette from Bakers Delight, an. 1/4 small chicken. It's not 8.30 pm and I'm not hungry so I am not going to have coined. I think that is ok. In fact I feel exci Ted to see shatbthe scales read tomorrow.
I'm so tired though. It's been so hard to exercise.
Even shopping was hard, my legs did not want to walk even in the shops.
I think I have over done walking.....I'm going to think of a different plan. I wish pump classes were on every day.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

91.1kg Demotivated day, but holding it together

Wednesday. Disappointed to not be under 90.8kg as I had over 500 deficit calories yesterday.
It's AMAZING how that demotivates me, leaving me feeling flat, like jumping back under the doona. Or like watching TV all day eating tim tams, popcorn, chips and dip, peanut butter out of the jar with a teaspoon.

But I know that weighing myself every day will have results that not always make sense, so it's ok.
I put unhelpful thoughts out of my head, just put on my sneakers and get out the door....just like Michelle says to do when those unhelpful thoughts start up.
Got up, took the girls for a walk. Today I did not wear the ankle weights since they had been giving me blisters where they join.
My heartbeat was at least 10 points down so I will wear them and put some padding underneath the area that rubs.

I burned 400 cals on the walk. Took me 1 HR 10 mins. Yesterday in the same time (but with the ankle weights) I burned 600 cals. Today I felt like giving up and going home the whole time. I felt lazy. I felt tired. I felt worm out.
I don't know why.
I am motivated. I am determined. But jeez it was hard today.
I've taken a multi vitamin in case I'm lacking something.
I have since burned 200 cals on my elliptical, so that's 600 cals burned so far today.

Breakfast: I had cottage cheese with a teaspoon of sugar, a teaspoon of lemon and a splashs of lite soy milk.
Lunch: I had a piece of soy linseed bread with an egg and some mushrooms.
Diner| I'm going to make Michelle's Thai Beef Salad from her cookbook

So I'm holding it together. I know I am and I will. It's ok. And I know it's because of my experience, but also that I am on the 12WBT and with everyone else on the WBT forum that gives me the tools, and the mindset to keep it together. I've done great with weight loss before but sometimes I lose my way, and the 12WBT is helping me so much in getting myself together, keeping myself together and hopefully, to the point that I lose a good amount of weight before this Christmas in a few months. That so many of us are doing this together is powerful too.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I did it, back in the 90's. I have to be careful, one bad day I'll slip into the 92's again. I'm really focusing on getting back into the 80's by Sept 12, start of the 12WBT.

Walking til 500calories are burned is something I find difficult. I can do half that just fine but I really have to push myself. The ankle weights are giving me blisters where the connect. I might TTY walking without them tomorrow.

I want to find a second exercise to do every day so I get to maybe 800 calories burned a day. Maybe the Crunch Time cardio DVD. I got the Zumba game for the Wii in the mail today from eBay. I might see how that goes. I also have the personal trainer for the Wii that I received last week.

I really have to focus on this hard and 100%. I am not working so it's just such a great time and opportunity to focus on exercise.
I did great with food yesterday, and food has been my downfall. Today I have had a soy and linseed sandwich I made with 2 slices of lite cheese, lettuce and marinated artichoke hearts. It was really nice, it tasted good for me, especially with the artichokes.

I'm really happy to be in the 90's today. I'm heading in the right direction.
Tonight I'm going to make a seafood tom yum which is high in protein, low in fat and low in cals. It feels good to know I have a good lean dinner ready to make. It feels good that already burned 600 calories today. It feels good to know that I will see a lower number in the scales tomorrow than I did today.

If I keep going like this il be back to 86 that I was when I left hospital in March. I can then head further down towards Christmas from there.
To be honest, I'm quite happy to be under 85kg.
For someone who as spent most of my adult life between 95 and 110, under 85 would be just peachy :).
Anything lower than that is a bonus!

Monday, August 29, 2011

BMR and deficit calorie calculation

I learned something so great!
This helps work out how much you want to eat and/or exercise.
I came about this because Michelle Bridges has said we need to have 7000 calories in deficit per week to lose a kilo. It just seemed insane to me. So I looked into it and this is how it works;

Calculate your BMR (body metabolic rate).. I use this one

Calories eaten 1200 - BMR 1623 - calories burned 550 = deficit of 973 / 1 kg per week loss
Calories eaten 700 - BMR 1623 - calories burned 550 = deficit of 1473 / 1.5 kg per week
Calories eaten 1200 - BMR 1623 - calories burned 300 = deficit if 723 / 0.5 kg per week

So I can see that if I eat 1200 cals a day, and burn a usual 300 cals, I'll lose half a kilo.
But if I push myself to burn over 500 cals, and not go over my 1200 cals in food, then I will lose a kilo a week!
Now we're talking! I get that, and it motivates me.I 'm sure this knowledge will push me to 500 cals.
And if I eat even less than 1200 cals....and/ or burn more than 500 cals, I'll lose more than a kilo a week.

I feel empowered now.

91.4kg heading to 90kg

Current goal is to be in the 80 kilo range by Sept 12, day one of Round 3 12WBT. That is a loss of 2kg in less than 2 weeks.

Normally that would be too much to expect in two weeks for me, but I have not been losing weight so I should be able to do it. My thinking behind this goal is that if I can get into the 80's during preseason, then I will have my head in the right mindset for the 12 WBT, unlike last time where I bombed out in the first week.

91.4kg today. Yay, I was 92 yesterday. Will try to be in the 90kg range in the next day or two. I've been 92 for too long. I can do this. I'm off for exercise, my goal in to burn 500 cals, it's hard doing it while walking, seems to take forever, but with my ankle weights and my determination I'll just push harder faster.

I've been better with snack, having alot less and lower calorie ones. I'm thinking more consciously about what I snack on, rather than just blocking out thoughts of calories and 'dealing with it later'. So I bought carrots and celery the other dayfor snack. Have not used them yet, but it's a start. I bought rice crackers instead of tim tams and other biscuits. Ate half of those. I bought a packet of vanilla ice-cream low fat slices at 100cals each, and had one with some fresh strawberries the other night, it was really lovely and relatively low calorie for me.

Must remember to drink loads of water in the earlier part of the days.

I did burn 550 cals. I nearly gave up at 250 cals, then again at 350 cals, but I kept thinking that my goal was 500 cals as i had written here and I wanted to achieve it. By 400 cals the goal was close and I did not feel tired and it did not feel hard, I had a new feeling and did the final stretch to get to over 500 cals.

What I learned was that it is powerful to write my goal down here.
I also think that a 500 cal burn is needed to lose weight, in fact to make Michelle's 7000 deficit goal a week to lose 1kg it's 1000 cals a day. OMG! That can't be right.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

91.7kg Sat 27 Aug

Still on the preseason 12WBT. I've learned alot. I'm recording all my food, exercise, weight etc on MyNetDiary iPad app. I've been doing exercise every day burning 250-400 cals every morning. I'm really happy with myself with making exercise a part of my every day life. Recording the food has been effective and I can feel myself improving. I can feel my head getting in a better space for losing weight.

I know it shouldn't be that difficult, I should just do it. But for some reason it's not that simple. So I use MyNetDiary. I weight myself every day. I record all my food. I exercise every day using my HRM. Sometimes when I want to stop exercising I remember Michelle's words....turn into a robot, stop thinking, just do it.

I have found a low cal delicious meal. Tom Yum Soup. I use a packet mix, 600ml water, 100g udon noodles, marinara mix from Woolworths, some chinese vegetables like baby bok choy sliced into more edible pieces, some thickly sliced Swiss fresh mushrooms (fresh shitake are nicety add too). All I add is a splash of lime and few snakes of fish sauce. It's fabulous.

I'm getting more and more focused. Pre season is exactly what I needed. The hardest things not eating all the things I like, apple pie and vanilla ice-cream, lemon meringue pie, almond magnums, macadamia and caramel Sara lee ice-cream, popcorn, tea & biscuits etc.

I plan to be in the 80's before the Round 3 starts and closer to the 70's than the 90's by Christmas.

Monday, August 22, 2011

92.5kg A week on pre-season 12 WBT done

So glad I joined pre-season. I am learning heaps. I had no idea how off track my mind set is. I think when you get it right, its great but when you go off track you often don't understand how badly off track you are. That said, I am highly motivated. I'm making some big mistakes and working towards replacing bad habits with good ones, but it being pre-season is great. The 12WBT forums are so good, so many people all in it together. So though I put on weight, I'm not letting it get me down because I know I am getting things right in my head.

In the last week I have learned or realized the following;
1. I have been missing breakfast ..... gettng up, exercising, checking emails, having a shower and then it's lunch time. Michelle Bridges says the majority of her clients who are overweight have been skipping breakfast
2. I have been unconsciously eating, even when not hungry

Recent Mistakes
- Today I was busy and got hungry. I saw a McDonalds and remembered someone said the sweet chilli chicken wrap was not too bad in cals. So I got one and ate it. Later, on my way home I got a piece of banana cake, thinking that was a healthy choice. When I got home and put them into the food diary I saw the chicken wrap was 550 cals and the banana cake was 330 cals. OMG. I have to just get alot more careful! I'm so glad I am learning this during pre-season. The challenge starts officially on Sept 12.

Will do;
1. I will have breakfast, muesli is my default breakfast,with lite soy milk
2. I will record everything eat in MyNetDiary iPad app. I will eat well during the day so I do not eat snacks.
3. I will brush my teeth after dinner, and not eat anything else

1. Bought Wii Zumba on eBay, not received yet
2. Bought MyFitnessCoAch, Shape Up Wii game on eBay, after it was highly recommended by DOLers
3. Went and bought Michelle Bridges Crunchtime cookbooks today
4. Can not forget saying I burned 380 cals this morning, and done exercise evey day in the last week.
5. Downloaded and using MyNetDiary to record food and exercise and weight and measurements

Thinking about;
Getting ankle weights for my walks to burn more cals in the same amount of time
Getting a row machine for exercise, probably hire one

Saw the movie Red Dog on the weekend, great movie. I cried through most of it, but I loved it and it was more beautiful than it was sad.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

91.7kg Joined Round 3 12 WBT: Goal 10kg Loss

After the mid year Round 2 12 WBT ended last week, I felt so defeated because I put on weight instead of losing any, and only stuck to the program for barely a week. Others stuck to it and lost 10kg.

So I am going to do it this time.
Enrolled in Round 3 last night
Bought a new HRM and burned 350 cals today
Bought MyNetDiary iPad ap to record food, exercise, weight, height, notes today
Completed preseason Task 1 and Task 2 (actual seas on starts 12 September).
My goal is to lose 10 kg by end of the year.

When I start hearing excuses in my head to not exercise, I will just put my shoes on and do it, no thinking.
When I start heaing excuses to eat crap, I will think about how muchni want to fit into those clothes.

If I keep thinking what I have thought, I will always get what I always got.
Be determined
Do not cave in to excuses.
Every action has a consequence.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Bugger, went over 90 again. Really needing to lose a few kilos, to head to 85kg.
Walked and burned 350 cals today. Making a curry for tonight. Bought a cheap electric blanket today - Yay!!! Its ready to go, not the same as my Sunbeam Electric doona but they don't make those anymore - so I cant wait for bed time :) Just wish I had a TV in my room, but I read - that's nice.

I also am getting into Agile PMing - Its so me, so its a super good use of time.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5th July 2011 90.4kg

Walked 500 cals this morning (76 minutes, 6.4km, 8613 steps).
I am close to getting back into the 80's.
I will do it.
I love the 80's :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2nd July 91.4kg

Not losing weight despite ramping up the calories I am burning. But in writing down everything I eat here, I can't ignore that I am snacking on high calorie and high fat food.

- So I need to keep up the exercise and reduce y calorie and fat intake.
- Simple really.
- I must stay in the 80's and head toward 85kg and under.
- 90's is not acceptable
- Although I am not losing weight, I know that maintaining my focus will get me there, even if its taking longer than it should.
- i will not let getting into the 90's get me down because then I feel defeated.
- If I feel defeated I lose my focus and don't get the results I need.
- Besides, I am not my weight and I love who I am. I just feel even better when I am in the 80's.

Friday, July 1, 2011

1st July 91.3kg

Not much change, but ate all the wrong snacks - high in cals and fat.
But went for another 65 minute walk today and burned 450 cals. For some reason my HRM was staying in low numbers today - a bit frustrating but I kept on going.

Had 2 pieces of toast with cheese for lunch
2 mini packets of pizza shapes
One soy milk coffee
4 Rasberry biscuits

Won Ton Soup
4 steamed oysters
a serving of noodles with some seafood
4 shots of kahlua

2 pieces of chocolate - maybe 40 grams

Thursday, June 30, 2011


So today I hit a massive high, putting on a kilo since yesterday. weird, but I did have a very indulgent dinner.

Its kinda devastating, but there is nothing to do but focus on reducing that and heading to 85kg. I have brought this on myself and I need to undo it myself.

Walked an hour this morning - burned 500 cals

Home made chicken soup
Tuna and watercress salad
2 pieces of chocolate
6 chocolate coated wheaten biscuits
6 pork spare ribs (American style)
1 mini pack shapes

If I did not have the snacks I would have been ok!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

29th June, 90.5kg

OK, so I have hit 90kg again. I am exercising about an hour a day minimum, but I got into the habit of having apple pie and vanilla icecream at night, and having biscuits and tea in the afternoons, and a little bit of chocolate, some peanuts...that sort of thing. I think its a trap you can get into being at home. I also know my dinner serves are too big.

I'm not going to let this get me down. I am in a good place. For example, this morning when I weighed myself, I was dismayed to see the 90's but instead of eating chocolate and putting the TV on, I went out and walked a good fast hours worth and burned 400 cals.

I need to really dedicate myself to reducing my weight. I am not happy being 90kg. I am happy when I am 85kg.
I am planning to get to the 87's by Friday 8th July.
This will require a significant change in my habits and my food.
I plan to eat vegies and protein.
I will limit my protein serve sizes and eat more vegetables if I am hungry
I will still have my soy milk
I will aim to burn minimum 700 cals a day - eg 1 hr walk + a Michelle Bridges DVD or a gym class eg Body Pump

As for my meningitis, I still get tingly hands and the shakes have returned again yesterday. They don't overly worry me, I am just paying attention to them. My BP stays consistent, more often in the 90's than the 80's.

As a side note, yesterday I went to buy a 10kg bag of cat biscuits due to Royal Canin having import challenges. when carrying this bag to the car I realised that 6 months ago I weighed 10kg more than I do now, and wow, that is alot of weight!

Friday, June 10, 2011

12WBT Day 18

Yesterday I burned 400cals walking the dogs for an hour. Day before I burned about 650 with a dog walk and the cardio DVD. Today I burned 650 cals doing a Body Pump class. So I'm feeling god about exercise but need to focus on not munching on food. I have that feeling where I need to be eating and munching constantly, like biscuits, toast, popcorn, icecreams etc. So I bought some mandarins and oranges to 'munch' on instead.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 16 12WBT - 89.9kg (+0.7kg since Day 1)

OMG, my weight gain is out of control. I'm a whisker away from 90kg! I'm doing a fair bit of exercise but I am eating too much. Went for an hour walk with the dogs this morning, burned 380 cals. I need to really focus on low cal food. I have salmon and vegies for a stir fry. That should be fine. I feel so badly, I was so close to 85kg and I blew it. I must take control!

When I take control and am closer to 85kg I feel sexier, healthier, fitter, happier...I feel like I can do anything. I will feel that way again! And soon!!

Walked for an hour and burned 380 cals
Did Michelle bridge Super Shredder Circuits 1, 2, 3 & 4 and burned 300 cals
Feel good for doing the above. Should try to do Michelle's Toned and Terrific DVD for variety.

Drinking water
Drinking soy milk and had no stomach issues, must have some issue with lactose.
Need to remember to take probiotics a few times a week, my omega 3 and multivitamins.

Meningitis Related
Friend and sister both noticed my hands were shaking on the weekend. Bummer, thought that was over.
Hands are getting tingles still, mostly at night but now also during the day the tingles stay. Worried about nerve damage causing this.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

89.3kg 4th June - End of week 2, 12WBT

Last week I was bad, little exercise and ate too much. I was on the BPM course doing my Master in it and I was waking up at 5.30am, leaving home at 7am and arriving home by 7pm. I was tired from full days of using my brain. I even forgot to weigh myself each morning and by Saturday I was thinking I might tip the scales at over 90kg. I was relieved not to.

Yesterday I was with my sister who is visiting here from the other side of the country and we ate alot. Lunch, afternoon tea, dinner at a restaurant .... This morning I read a great post by a lady who write her blog "From F***d to Fab" and she was motivating, and said just what I need - just do it, just do something for your health and fitness every day, it doesn't have be to run 10km like other people seem to do. So I went out and walked 5km at as fast a pace I could muster.

The course was great. Met some nice people, got my brain active, got me a little excited about possibilities, made me a better person in terms of my work life and business

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 7 12WBT 89.1kg

I have kinda stuffed up the 12WBT. Tues was my birthday and Thurs and Fri I was at a course, fully catered for by the hotel it was located at. Fri night got myself a sore throat and a cold that made me feel lethargic. So I didnt get much exercise done on the weekend, though I did do the cardio DVD and I did walk the dogs for 30 minutes each day. Yesterday I did half the cardio DVD and then stopped and did house work.

Today I have had muesli for breakfast, smoked salmon with snowpeas and capers for lunch and I have a chicken and vegie soup on the stove. I've done lots of chores and running around. Yesterday cleaned out the study and my wardrobe and have a little load to take to the tip. My home has very little crap in it now - just things I use :) Its funny how nice it feels when life and home are free of clutter!

Took the dogs for a one hour walk today and burned 500 cals doing that.I have not given up on the 12WBT. I have learned some good filling and healthy low cal lunches and dinner. The salmon stir-fry is amazing and the rice cakes with turkey, avocado and cranberry sauce are really good.

I'm on the rest of that course Wed, Thurs, Fri and then my sister and her man come to visit this weekend, so its another week of not following the plan. But I will try to eat well and I will get in as much exercise as I can. Then next week see if I can do this better.

For now the goal is to stay under 90kg and then to head towards 85kg.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 4 & 5 12WBT

Bad, Bad, Bad....I attended a course yesterday and today and did not follow the 12WBT in any way. I can feel it too. I didn't follow it alot on Tuesday either.

But tomorrow is another day. And I like the program, plus I knew this week was going to be bumpy. I'm still pumped to be on it, even though I have achieved little so far.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 3 12WBT

Lost 200g so far so trending in the right direction. Did not follow the program yesterday since it was my birthday, but I wasn't silly either and did not over-indulge excessively.

I did most of my fitness test for the 12WBT yesterday. Going 1km as fast as I could nearly killed me - such hard work! But I did it in 9 minutes 5 second by walking and jogging some of the time. I am so much fitter than I have ever been, but still every fitness test had terrible results. I guess though the point is to measure where I am now, not to judge it - just to get better, stronger and fitter and be able to see progress over the next few months. Part of me feels like I should not have tried so hard in the 1km time trial so it looks like I improve later.

Day 3 I ahve not followed the program because lunch today was leftovers from the program yesterday - which I did not follow. I had lunch the same as from Monday, and I am staying in the calorie allocation of 1200 for women. For dinner I am doing a chicken stirfry (same as Monday that was with salmon).

Day 4 and Day 5 I am at a course/seminar and they provide lunch, so I'll just try to keep to low calorie options. Not sure how to fit in exercise on those days, but hope to do so.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 1 - 12WBT 89.4kg

Yay, Day 1 and just in time to help me stay out of the 90kg range!! I did the Super Shredder DVD for the first time. It goes fast, way too fast for me, but she has easier options and says just to do what you can. She (Michelle Bridges) has a nice way about her. She is encouraging. I could not do the whole DVD and keep up and not stop, but I got through it and I'll get better. Anyone can, at any fitness level and any weight. You have to adjust and do your best.

My right knee hurts. It started hurting last week and that stopped me doing alot of the jumping. I don't know what is wrong with my knee but I hope it gets better! I don't notice it unless I put pressure on it. Normal day to day activities are fine.

I went shopping yesterday and bought all the food. Un-toasted muesli for breakfast was skipped (I got up late). Lunch of rice cakes with avocado and turkey and a touch of cranberry today was surprisingly quite nice. It felt good to be eating something healthy. I'm looking forward to the salmon stir-fry tonight.

I have not done the fitness test yet - 1km times as fast as you can (crawl, walk, run), sit-ups, push-ups etc. Will do them soon. We repeat this every 4 weeks to see progress. I am feeling really positive and happy that I have started well and am on the program. It makes me feel quite good about myself that I am doing something positive for my health and fitness.

Dinner was amazing! It was a really super simple salmon Stir Fry with Chinese broccoli, spring onions, red capsicum - with the salmon marinating in ginger, garlic and soy sauce for 5 minutes. I'm so motivated that I'm off to an evening Body Pump class. Its also because tomorrow is my birthday and while I plan to be good, I am likely to be going out for a dinner and not following the program. So today needs to be an especially super-good-day so I don't have to feel too guilty tomorrow. The day after will also be a super-good-day.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

89.4kg Start the 12WBT tomorrow

I joined the 12WBT and then I kinda freaked out and stupidly ate alot, including TimTams and other bad things. So my weight blew out. I feel awful about it, but there is no use dwelling on it. I did it. I have to face the consequences that now I have more to lose. I was finding it hard to get towards 85kg and knew I was I was heading toward 90kg. A fine line is 87-88kg! I know that joining this challenge will help me get down through the 80's. I never want to see the 90's again.

So today is Sunday and I have printed out the grocery list to go shopping with. When I signed up I did so for the exercises, not the food, and intended to use the food as a guide only. But the more I thought about it the more I realised that following the food was a big part of the success that resulted for so many people, and further, that I am exercising alot, and it is in fact food that I have too much of.

I know people that get up every morning and go for a jog, and yet they are overweight and remain overweight. They whine about it, and yet I see them eating high fat, high carb foods all the time. I am doing the exact same thing. Also the people on the challenge from previous rounds say the food is actually ok, that we might be hungry in the first week if we are usually big eaters (yes that's me) but we will adapt. That is one of the things that impresses me about this program, the people that have gone on it all rave about it. They love it and come back to do more. There was one girl on the forum last night who after week 6 last round just kinda got slack and so is back more determined than ever. The fact that these people have such good things to say, have success, and come back is a pretty good thing.

I'm a bit anxious about it, I'd hate to fail. But I am going to give it a go and I have the cardio DVD for tomorrow ready to go.

My schedule looks like this.

MON - Dog Walk, Cardio DVD, Pump Class in the evening optional
TUES - Dog walk, Toned DVD or a Pump Class if I can find one on
WED - Morning Body Balance Class, Dog Walk, Cardio DVD
Thurs - Dog walk, Toned DVD during the day or Pump Class in the evening
Fri - Dog walk, Yoga/pilates DVD
Sat - Group Session and/or Shredder DVD
Sun - Rest day, dog walk only

Friday, May 20, 2011

88.7kg and signed up for Michelle Bridge's 12 WBT

Had a family dinner last night, ate to much, but not mountains. Was very enjoyable with my SIL and her family with my hubby and son. The big news about me is that I read about Michelle Bridge's 12 week body transformation challenge on a forum, checked it out with no intention of going on it, but found myself motivated and signing up.

I'm looking forward to it. It starts Monday 23rd May. While it has exercises and and food program, I intend to follow the exercise program and use the food program as a guide. I have a friend joining too, she is in a different city to me, but that's ok - it will be good to do it together.

I bought Michelle Bridge's 3 DVD set - Crunch Time today - $37 rather than $29 for each DVD. Need to get some dumbbells over the weekend and some ingredients for the food she recommends.

My 1 Month goal is to get under 85kg, and my 3 months goal is to be in the 70kg range.

Inspiring person and pics

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In the 87's

In the 87's today and went to my 4th Body Balance class. Hard work, I sweat alot...I'm starting to push myself but there are still some things I can't keep up with. I can feel I am getting better. Next pump class is Friday morning, might go to that.

Ate 4 tim tams today, all in a row. Bad. Must not do that. Need to take the girls for a big long walk tomorrow - have not done it today at all.

Monday, May 16, 2011

88.7kg Working hard

Yesterday I went back into the 87's but today, back in the 88's. I just have to keep working hard at it. Yesterday I also went to my first Body Pump class, not bad for a Sunday morning. Went well, just had 2 x 1kg weights. Early in the morning in bed I could feel my thighs aching. Its bending down and up that hurts the most.

Yesterday when I saw I was back in the 87's I decided to go to pump. So this morning seeing I was back in the 88's I decided to go for a big walk with the dogs, went for 5.5km and felt every second of it. I was tired and aching, but determined to get under 85kg.

Found a great recipe for a salmon and watercress salad with a miso dressing. I'd like to eat more food like that.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

88.5kg & Happiest I remember ever being

Been struggling with my weight a little and I need to get control of it. Its been challenging as its been freezing during the day and raining(6 degrees at lunchtime the other day) so the regular dog walks are less regular and less lengthy. I have also got the munchies and could eat all day every day. If I don't watch myself very carefully I will 90kg instead 85kg so I have to focus.

I am keeping up with the Body Torture classes and getting better - #4 is next week. I am enjoying my slimmer self. I am finding my balance is ok, flexibility is good for the most part, but strength and technique are low. Technique will come with time. Strength - oh boy, I can't even do one push up, even when on my knees. I'll have to work on that.

Had the best Mothers Day, just lovely. Got boots, and got to choose them myself because my actual gift did not arrive in time from my son 9I'll get that on my birthday instead) so son asked father to help by getting something else, and father let me choose my own gift. Its winter, had to get boots! And then I had a wonderful delicious perfect dinner at my favourite restaurant that night.

SIL arrived for a visit from OS this week and that was great. Received early birthday present, i fact presents! I was so spoiled. Molton Brown liquid soap, Molton Brown hand cream, Benefit Gina Perfume and hand lotion, low fat cook book, and a lovely sister bookmark.

I found some jewellery display cases (they are like fishing tackle boxes with compartments (but nicer.... made of wood and velvet) to keep my bits and pieces in. They were bigger then I expected but pretty cool. Its the first time I have something to keep my jewellery in where they are not all bunched together, rubbing together etc.

Been shopping and adding to my wardrobe an have some wonderful winter pieces. I feel better than I ever remember, life is just great. I will need to get back working soon, life isn't challenging enough. Still need to pay some medical bills, sort out some direct debits, cancel some insurance, make some claims etc.

Went to my office farewell last Thursday and it was really lovely. I even received a large indoor pot plant and a gorgeous box of chocolates. Spent a few hours there and enjoyed it. Have enrolled in a BPM course and will have certification CPP certified Process Professional. I'm looking forward to it. It might be rubbish, it might be great - I so hope its great. This is a course I have had my eye on for about 3 years.

What you will learn:

How to uncover significant ideas for improving processes permanently.
Four key 'hands-on' techniques that can be used and deployed immediately
How shifting the focus to 'outside-in' can transform complex processes
The means to redefine ANY process through the use of a proven, pragmatic method.
How processes can be harnessed for strategic long term advantage
How Performance Management can be linked to process to achieve successful outcomes.
The importance of the Business Process Professional in guiding your business to success

What you will take away:

SIX Hands-on toolkits
Case Study Examples
The Process Audit template
Working pack and links to supporting resources
Steve's latest book
A completely new way of looking at process!
CPP level certification 1 & 2

Saturday, April 30, 2011

30th April - Size 14 Skirt :)

Fit into a size 14 skirt today - made me SO happy! bought a suit - jacket and the skirt and I look so nice in it.
Started Body Balance classes that I have renamed Body Torture.
Got my Wii going as the yoga section has many of the Body Torture elements in it - great for practice.
Decided to go for Body Pump once a week - have not started yet because Body Torture tortures me long after the class has finished.
Walked for 6km yesterday
Started drinking ea without the usual 2 sugars
Found a nice soy milk I like, reducing my cows milk (listening to my body not liking lactose so much anymore)
Getting into BI stuff, downloaded some books for my Kindle, as well as a book on data warehousing and on making dashboards with excel 2007

Feeling good!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

27th April - approx 6 weeks since out of hospital.

Still in the high 87's, sometimes popping into the low 88kg range. I'm working hard but eating to much I guess. I walk the dogs every day at least once at a 5kg per hour rte for 35 mins - its about 3km. Today I went to a Body Balance class which is a mix of yoga and pilates - it was so hard, disheartening...but you gotta start somewhere. I do want to get into this stuff. A lady I spoke to before the class said it really strengthens the back and she gets no back injuries any more. Her last back injury was just in getting up off the couch. She looked in her late 40's or early 50's and she was nice and slim. The class had all ages and sizes and fitness levels. Some looked lean and strong and straight where-as I looked fat and bent and all-over-the-place. But I wasn't the only one.So I'll go each Wednesday I think, at least once a week and try to practice at home.

I'm also thinking of going to Body Jam as well. Its high impact, powerful, high cardio and the times flies. Body Balance is slow but just as hard work.

Easter has come and gone for this year - a 5 day long weekend. But someone was working through most of it, though we had some good quality time together too.

I feel good. I need to get more organised with my paperwork, and do a bit more organising around the house. I want to focus on health and fitness, especially while I can since I am not working.

BP is good.
Dizziness is rare, as is visual issues. I think I am close to 95% recovered. I remember feeling worried that I would never feel 'normal' again, and that was only 6 weeks ago when I left hospital and could hardly walk 200m with a walking stick. so that gets me wondering what else I can achieve with my body in another 6 weeks.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Still 87.7kg Easter Monday

On Sat I did heaps of exercise, ate very carefully, and still no change in weight. Sun I did no exercise, ate normally - no change to weight. Today the same weight, took the dogs for a 35 minute walk 5km ph average pace. I enjoy the dog walks, though wish I could walk faster so I could keep up with my guy. At the same time I know I can't over do it. and to go faster I would really have to push myself. Tried jogging but it hurt my knees for the first time. What I enjoy is the trees and all the birds in them. There are sulphur crested cockatoos, many others and even my favourite, lots of kookaburras too.

Making a Tuscan beef Stew for dinner, its from George from Master Chef's book, its a good, relaxed, easy book with nice home cooking. I have browned the beef,and the pancetta, added in garlic, thyme, bay leaves, put in white and red wine...hopefully its nice.

My sister sent me this its a neurologists observations as she had a stroke, very interesting.

I'm doing ok, less shaking and visual issues, quite the exception these days. Need to work out my way forward.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

87.7kg 23rd April, Day before Easter

Well I'm stuck on 87.7kg for 3-4 days now. I promised myself I would not go higher than the 86kg I left hospital with. I've done extra exercise, eaten carefully - but not carefully enough obviously. I have to be so careful because 1 kg can turn into 2kg, into 4kg, into 8kg. I am so determined not to let that happen.

Everything else is great, except my man is always insanely busy, too busy. I worry about his health. He says its just till end of the month.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

20th April Wed - 87.7kg

So weight is becoming more challenging and I am having to be more and more careful. I need to focus on getting under 85kg. I had my hypertension specialist check-up yesterday. My blood pressure is being well managed with the medication I am on - atacan 32 in the morning, psysiotens 200 and cardisan at night. Better than taking the 5 tablets I was first put on.

The interesting thing was Malcolm C exclaimed a number of times how seriously ill I had been, just as the neurologists did. Considering these people work with people in hospital all the time, I must have stood out in how ill I was - not sure how or why. All I remember was I was so incredibly weak I slept for 24 hours a day, waking for doctors, nurses, and hubby and son. I lost most of my sight at one stage, I was constantly nauseous during the peak of it - for about 2 weeks which was awful, my headaches were unbearable for a time but I had morphine for that. Anyway, Malcolm also kept saying how great it was to see the healthy me and to see me so much better. He said to take it easy, that I am typical of people in my age group who still think they are invincible and we are not.

Anyway, since these specialists keep exclaiming about how seriously ill I was back then, I will forgive myself for being a bad sick person and not caring if I died. I felt so bad thinking that. I told my family I thought I would be one of those women in the magazines - she never complained and she never gave up, she fought so hard to live. And there I was not caring if I died. I was shocked at myeslf but it was how I felt.

I'm off to meet Deb for lunch today and really looking forward it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

86.1kg 5 weeks since leaving hospital

So its 5 weeks since I left hospital on March 11th. In two weeks I went from walking 200m with a walking stick and shaking so much that food nearly missed my lips on occasion, to walking 2km and doing much better. Now after 5 weeks my BP is steady, I walk 2-3km a day, sometimes twice a day, I am eating perfectly well and also I have maintained my hospital weight of 86.5kg. I did get into the 87's couple of days ago but now I am back. I am working to get under 85kg now.

We went to River Dance at the Regent last Saturday night, which was fantastic! But the theatre had stairs and I found I was remarkably weak, and they left me shaking. So I have pulled out the step enhancement for my Wii Balance board. Yesterday I just stepped up and down for 20 minutes in 2 x 10 minute sessions. This morning I jumped out of bed and could not walk! My calf muscles were killing me LOL. Well seems I achieved something then. I'll do 2 more sessions again today.

I feel ready for full time work, but the doctors seem to think I feel better than I am. I do still get visual disturbances, and I am still building strength, but I am close. I'd love to change my lifestyle though...and not work full-time for the corporates. I have my thinking cap on but I don't think there are many options.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

86.4kg Phew back to the 86's

I'm back to the 86's after getting into the 87's yesterday. I am so committed to not getting higher than 86kg...and I want to reuce that too. Yesterday I walked the dogs twice, and one time I went further than I usually do. I just want to make sure I don't over do it and send my recovery backwards.

BP has been good. Still no headaches since I left hospital, shaking in hands has reduced, tingles reduced, main symptoms are visual..when I bend down and come back up, after a shoulder massage, and sometimes towards the end of a walk - my vision gets wonky, blury, like I am going cross-eyed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Put on weight. Must do something about this.
Saw the neurologists yesterday. They wanted to do another lumber puncture, just to see what the numbers would be. We agreed not to since I am improving and since I don't want a needle in my spine for no reason. They want me to take good care of myself for another 3 months and not to work for another month. They said I did way too much too early.

Getting a kindle, veryhappy, can't wait for it to arrive.
Got computer set up for Windows and MS Project, got online but my consulting firm has no courses that are working. There is one for $750 online, but that is alot of money! I might just go through the Project for dummies book I got on the weekend.

Walked the dogs for 3km this morning, went an extra bit. want to increase the distance. Took them for a wash this afternoon. started to call people in my network. Went to Kmart and bought an iron. Made shepperds pie for dinner. sorted out my shoes and boots in my wardrobe.

Friday, April 1, 2011

1st April Bored

I am getting bored. I do a 2km 30 min walk a day. I watch 2 TV shows. I have been doing alot around the house. My PC is not ready for the software I need to do my online training course yet - hopefully soon.

I think I need to start the swimming. in my boredom I keep thinking about food. but I need to lose weight so I should focus on moving.

9.30am up/breakfast
10am Walk dogs
10.30am Laundry/kitchen
11am - 1pm TV time/lunch/forums/bills
1.30pm Swimming
3pm Shower
4pm Dinner prep

Somewhere fit in the online course
Consider scanning old photos into PC so I have scanned copies, upload into FLICKR and get a backup CD
Consider getting back into photo-scrapbooking, it's creative would have fun finding bits and pieces
Consider volunteer work
FOCUS on health and fitness
Consider focus on friendships
**Need to get resume ready**

Thursday, March 31, 2011

86.2kg Thursday

I'm shopping on my own, cooking, vacuuming without a problem. But my visions gets weird, almost like I am right on the brink of going cross-eyed, out of focus a fair bit...mostly when I bend down and come back up again, but at other times too. My eyes prefer natural light to artificial light. I can walk around the shops (like Myer and DJs) but my vision suffers after a while. My hands are still tingly, tend to get pins and needles while I sleep, and are shaky...sometimes my whole body gets shaky if I am standing for more than 10 minutes.

I'm doing alot around the house. Monday I went to Chadstone, did a thorough look at Myer and DJs and Tuesday went to the shop then to the fruit and veg shop, then to the dog park, then to the bank, then to the post office to pay medical bills and to the bank, back to the post office (I forgot to put enough $ in my eftpos), to the butcher...and realised I had done way too much. So I am taking it easy, but my vision is a bit worse today. Seeing the Neuro on Monday.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday 30th March

Yesterday I made a lactose free milk smoothie, but it made me feel icky - just lke the milk one did. So that is not good because it was a great way I planned to start each day - egg, milk, banana, yogurt, psyllium husks. Now I don't know what to have for breakfast again.

Spoke to my neighbour who had meningitis years ago and he said yes he too had the shakes. He said the whole nervous system gets so affected, and if he remembers correctly it took 2 months to go away. He took valium to stop it, especially at night because he was shaking so much he could not sleep.

Have not started swimming yet.

Monday, March 28, 2011

85.8kg Monday

Yay, the 85's are peeping at me. We had chilli/blackbean mud crab last night. Visited some family yesterday which was nice, but no-one so far has noticed the weight loss. I must need to lose more! I am trying.

This morning I had a lactose free milk smoothie with half a banana and a whole egg plus some psyllium husks. Easy to make, easy to go down and healthy. I think I might make smoothies a regular breakfast, its nice and easy for work days.