Friday, September 2, 2011

91kg (90.3kg after a few hours + exercise)

Happily i am on track to be in the 80kg range by Sept 12, the official first day of Round 3 of the 12WBT.
"Happily" is an understatement!
I've been struggling, exercising but gaining weight for too long.

In refernece to the title of this post, Not sure how there can be a 700 g difference in a few hours, but there was and it means I am thankfully getting things right. It's such a relief to be getting things right and it working. The only thing is where I used to be able to walk and feel like I could walk forever, in the last week when I have been pushing myself to burn 500+ cals and then aiming for 600-800 I am very tired. And my walking feels like hard work from the get-go.

I'm not sure what that is. I also find I am sleeping in later and later. So today I made myself get out of bed at 9am. Tomorrow I will target 8am. I'm just tired, sleepy, lethargic. My mind isn't though, just my body.

When I tried walking without the ankle weights, i really noticed the lower number of cals burned. So I wanted to wear them again. today I put socks under neath them to buffer against them causing blisters. Result? I lost a sock and it just did not work. So input the ankle weights around my wrists. That worked much better, though I felt a bit hot on my wrists wearing them.

I love starting my day with a good solid calorie burn. It starts my day with an awesome achievement. The rest of the day then follows nicely because I don't want to undo all that hard work, and my thoughts focus on the scalesfor tomorrow morning.

Today I am running late so I am having an optislim shake in the car. It's the first time I am having one, but it's serving it's purpose, to be a spare meal that provides my body with the nutrients it needs when I risk skipping a meal.

Later: Well the optislim shake wasn't bad and it did the trick.
What I MUST do is get up, eat, THEN exercise! I'm skipping breakfast by doing things and being busy til lunchtime. Then I get famished, absolutist famished by mid afternoon and iI could eat a horse (so-to-speak). This afternoon I had pumpkin soup with half a French Baguette from Bakers Delight, an. 1/4 small chicken. It's not 8.30 pm and I'm not hungry so I am not going to have coined. I think that is ok. In fact I feel exci Ted to see shatbthe scales read tomorrow.
I'm so tired though. It's been so hard to exercise.
Even shopping was hard, my legs did not want to walk even in the shops.
I think I have over done walking.....I'm going to think of a different plan. I wish pump classes were on every day.

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