Monday, January 31, 2011

95.8kg (Monday)

Happy to be in the 95's. Understandable I did not stay in the 94's as I was so sick then and not eating. Will keep working to get back into the 94's by next Monday and into the 80's.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Inevitably my weight rose, but that's ok. I ate yesterday - a proper dinner for the first time in days. I'm so happy to be in the 95's.
I'm eating carefully, not much, as I am still recovering but working at doing all the right things.

Friday, January 28, 2011


The weight is just dropping with me being sick. I'm just focusing on getting healthy again. I'm really happy to see the weight loss, but my health is more important. Also I think there will be some weight gain once I am better again, though I will try to minimise it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Made it to the 95's today, but its because I am sick with flu like symptoms. Ate nothing much yesterday. Was in bed til 2pm, had two lemon biscuits, only ate half my dinner. I guess its one benefit of being sick, but its probably temporary I guess. I'll try to make sure I am not dehydrated.

Later: Went to the doctor and am on antibiotics now. Have no appetite but very weak. Aside from going to the doctors, was in bed til 6pm - morning dr appointment and afternoon shower thrown in the middle. Just no energy. But had a piece of fish for dinner. Its weird having no appetite. I don't think I have experienced that before. Anyway, once I am better I will try to retain the weight lost but I expect to put a little back on - maybe 1kg, will try to minimise it. Its just that I have hardly eaten the passed few days so the weight loss can't be permanent.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On track to the 95's by Monday (96.1kg)

I have been 96.1kg for two days in a row, so I am on track to see the 95's on Monday.
I am so looking forward to that.
I am so focused.
It only a little bit of weight lost but it feels like such a fabulous accomplishment. I just need to keep the momentum going.

Monday, January 24, 2011

95's - Here I come! (96.5kg) Monday Goal Made Again :)

I made another Monday goal. I am surprised because I had pizza and ribs last night. I am beyond happy.

I am so close to getting in the 95s again....I am really motivated. I have been unwell (sore throat etc) and not felt much like eating anyway. Tonight having fillet steak, Brussel sprouts and an egg for dinner. All good food.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

96's already! (96.6kg)

I could hardly believe the scales read 96.6kg this morning. I guess I did not eat much yesterday, due to being unwell. Also if I am not hungry, I am not going to eat.

Bri's philosophy of having the Monday weigh in the one that counts because it keeps you focused during the weekend, is magic. It works very well.

Added later: I had pizza and ribs tonight. Bad, might have undone some good work. We'll see.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yes! 97.5kg

Can't wait to get into the 80's.
Very glad to be 97.5kg today. I was 97.2kg at 10am but my weight is always recorded before 8am. Maybe I can get into the 96s by Monday...maybe. I don't feel so well, sore throat etc. But will try to get in alot of exercise this weekend. I feel like making biscuits and cakes and eating lot of yummy food, cheese - so will have to curb those desires if I am to make the 96s.

Sick suddenly yesterday evening - sore throat. Today very weak.

Breakfast - nil (slept late)
Lunch - yum cha (Various, did not eat much)
Dinner - small snack, not hungry

Went for a 30 minute walk, its all I could manage.

Friday, January 21, 2011

On track (97.8kg), but more exercise would be better

I am doing ok. I am so very relieved to see the 97s again today, after being back in the 98s yesterday. Especially since I had some cheese last night.

Bircher Muesli
Small sashimi, 1 yakitori skewer
Cecconis dinner (entre, Gnocchi, small desert)

Mostly I eat salads, fish and lean meat like fillet steak. I gave away the M&M packet in my draw so I would not be tempted. I had sashimi for lunch with 1 skewer of chicken. All afternoon I was craving twisties but I did not succumb to the craving. I seem to want to stay away from bread. I have less coffee because there is a fair amount of fat in a latte (8gms if I remember correctly) and the skinny lattes taste awful to me. If I do have a coffee I have a small late with 1 sugar rather a large with 2 sugars. When I make a tea for myself I have 1 sugar instead of two, so that I am gradually reducing the sugar in my diet.

Bircher Muesli, tea
Tom Yum Soup

The thing I am lacking is exercise. I need to up the exercise. Its going to have be upped alot on weekends because during the week I am really tired. I need to work on going to bed much earlier than I do so that I get closer to 8 hours sleep than 5-6 hours - its really awful being so tired.

This weekend I am planning to walk the Tan track around the Botanical Gardens. Its 3.8km with a steep hill. Although its not close to where I live, that seems perfect for me. The dogs will love it too. Also its lit up til midnight so its a place I go for night walks. I am hoping to get in alot of exercise this weekend and see if I can break into the 96s. That would be so fabulous....I could then almost touch the 95s and be well away from the 100kg I was back up at Christmas time. So I have a serious objective this weekend. I really am going to commit to it - its the two days I can make a difference.

Eat well
Aim to move from high 97s to low 97s or even better ....high 96s

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Solidly in the 97s (97.8kg)

I absolutely made it to my weekly goal yesterday. I was thinking I might be up into the 98s today, yesterdays 97s assisted by being dehydrated on Monday morning, and having not eaten much on Sunday. But I was so happy to see I was still in the 97s this morning. Very happy :)

It's motivating to be seeing progress, conversely it makes me feel a bit despondent when I try hard and don’t see any result. The main difference was that I started eating natural food including brown rice. I found out white rice is absolute junk. Sunday and Monday, I had green vegetables, brown rice, fish...nothing in that is processed.

The brown rice I bought from a health food store – apparently it is fluffier and nicer than the brown rice you can get in supermarkets, and it turns out I like it. It’s not as tough as other brown rice I have tried. It takes a while to cook, but that’s ok. It feels great to put good food into my body and it feels good to be in the 97s. I have a way to go, but I am heading in the right direction.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I made my week's goal! (97.7kg)

I could not believe it, but I broke into the 97's today. I had almost given up, I just seemed to hover in the 98s. I went for an hours walk, some of it uphill yesterday and it seems to have made a big difference. I have to admit though, that I was probably dehydrated, to give myself every chance of making my goal. So I will probably be back in the 98's tomorrow - but at least I have seen the 97's - its a start and its motivational.

Goal for Monday 24th Jan, is to be in the low 97's. Stretch goal is to be in the 96's.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eating Consciously - doing ok

I have been good all week (Mon, Tues, Wed) back at work. I have been eating consciously and avoiding bad and high cal foods. I have been eating whole grains, lean meat, tuna and not eating whenever I have felt like it....using willpower to distract myself. Today I got some popcorn from the health food store. It was plain but nice. So I am proud of myself for my restraint and commitment to eating as need to.

What I am not doing well is exercise.
Its been raining all day every day just about and so I have not walked the dog because its how with 98% humidity and I can't put raincoats on them as they will get hot.
I have also been tired and not sleeping well
But today I did walk up the escalators at the train station.

What I know is that be in the 97s for Monday, I am going to need to do significant exercise. If I do I will get there. If I don't I wont. How bad do I want this? I know I am more comfortable in my skin at 90 than 99 so its up to me.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queensland Floods :(

I was in tears at work today as a colleague told me what was going on in Queensland. We then watched video footage on the internet and we were in tears. The floods and force and swiftness with which they they hit today is devastating. The evacuation centre wont let anyone bring pets and many must be lost or drowned. It just tragic and they say tomorrow will be even worse. I send all my wishes for everyone in the floods. I am so sorry about what they are going through, humans, furry and feathered ones alike.

As for my weight, I was really looking forward to seeing what I weighed this morning. I had a feeling it was going to show good progress, and that motivates me massively. But I forgot in my hurry to get ready for work! Doesn't matter. I was pretty good with food again today so by Monday I should definitely be showing significant progress. Hopefully I will be around 97.0 - at least I will be in the 97's and I will get as close as I can to 97.0. I must to break out of the 98s. Then I will get into the 96's and be close to 95 again!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day back At Work 98.8kg

Up by a bit in weight (was 98.4kg yesterday) - disappointing, but realistically it is probably part of normal day to day fluctuations. We'll see how I go by Monday after a week. I vow to weigh less than I did today!

After a couple of weeks off, today I was back at work. It wasn't too bad actually. I am so lucky to have a good job, so lucky to have my life. Plus in the last month I got a little new car (I had to trade my other one in before it died completely on me) and got a new iPhone - the man paid for the upfront handset fee as a Christmas gift (I had the original which was so slow). Life's pretty good. I got off the train getting home today and thought to myself "Life is good". Its so nice to be in a good place in my head.

So this morning it really humid. I drove the dogs to the park and ran around with them. Got home and I was sweating from the humidity. I couldn't even get my makeup on properly because I kept sweating. It was just insane.
Good Part: I did get up early enough to take the dogs to the park, though it was a quick trip and I did very little exercise.

Got to the train station in good time, but no trains were running because someone stole copper and they weren't working. Took a bus etc and got to work late.
Good Part: I did take a multigrain sandwich with ham and lettuce, no butter.

I ate 3 little pieces of chocolate today and a tiny bit of ice-cream - like a quarter of a scoop. For dinner I had a scoop of mashed potatoes with my steak :( I think that its these little indiscretions that are undoing me. so its good that I write about what I ate here because it make me reflect on what I ate and focus on doing better tomorrow
Good Part: I ate breakfast, I drank water, I snacked on 2 pieces of fruit. I had a light lunch and a lean steak for dinner. I ate consciously and had very little that was processed, and no coffee.

PS I am reading a book called Cleo by Helen Brown. Its a lovely book, about a woman whose 9 year old son is hit and killed by a car, and how the kitten he wanted for his birthday helps her and his little brother heal. Its a charming easy-to-read-well-written-enjoyable book for any woman, but cat lovers will especially like it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heading in the right direction (98.4kg)

Thank goodness for small achievements - I am heading in the right direction at last! Yesterday I had a piece of bread for breakfast, stir fried leek and cabbage for lunch (with garlic and a little bacon), and for dinner I had a piece of fillet steak, two little lamb cutlets and rocket salad (and a little bit of seafood salad). The man and I went to see a movie and that stopped me snacking for the evening .... though I would have loved a bucket of popcorn and a frozen coke!

For 4 weeks I never got out of the 99s. Something was wrong there. I think its little snacks I must have that all add up. And I wasn't using the CK food diary, which I know I should. Then I got sick a few days ago. We had a fancy dinner to go to, a 10 course degustation dinner we had booked for months. I felt weird a couple of hours beforehand and thought I'd shake it off. That did not work and every time food was brought to the table, I would feel like throwing up. Twice I had to leave to table because my body's reaction was so strong, on the second time I left I did throw up. On the upside, it seems to have kicked off me being in the 98s. Yay!

The movie we saw last night was Blue Valentine. I wouldn't bother going if I was you, unless you are really bored and there is nothing else. The description sounded meaningful and good, and though I can see some parts of it were cleverly done and there were a number of subtle messages in the movie, I think it missed the main message it intended to send. It could have achieved so much more. The acting was very good.

I am back at work tomorrow after being off for nearly 3 blissful weeks. I'm very grateful for my job and there are aspects of it I do enjoy, but I am so not looking forward to the pressure of it. I am looking forward to seeing many of the people again. I will need to focus on my healthy lifestyle goals.

Goals for next week;
1. 6am Get up and walk the dogs for 40 minutes (goal is to do this at least 3 times a week)
2. Get into the 97s
3. Have breakfast every morning & drink lots of water during the work day

Saturday, January 8, 2011

8th Jan: 2011, This is it. (98.8kg)

OK, so inspired by other people I have started this blog to focus on weight loss.
I realise that I am the sort of person who must eat consciously otherwise weight piles on.
I hit 100kg in December and swore I will not be in triple figures, no not again! So I have stayed under 100kg but for two weeks I tried so hard to be good, and exercising, but still stayed in the 99's. I have finally just broken into the 98's and I hope this is a trend that will gain momentum. I need to exercise more. I am not good at it. I have an elliptical in my lounge room, and never use it. Need to make that part of my life. I am soooo lazy!

So this is my blog of how I lost at least 10kg during 2011 :)
This, is it.