Thursday, January 27, 2011


Made it to the 95's today, but its because I am sick with flu like symptoms. Ate nothing much yesterday. Was in bed til 2pm, had two lemon biscuits, only ate half my dinner. I guess its one benefit of being sick, but its probably temporary I guess. I'll try to make sure I am not dehydrated.

Later: Went to the doctor and am on antibiotics now. Have no appetite but very weak. Aside from going to the doctors, was in bed til 6pm - morning dr appointment and afternoon shower thrown in the middle. Just no energy. But had a piece of fish for dinner. Its weird having no appetite. I don't think I have experienced that before. Anyway, once I am better I will try to retain the weight lost but I expect to put a little back on - maybe 1kg, will try to minimise it. Its just that I have hardly eaten the passed few days so the weight loss can't be permanent.

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