Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heading in the right direction (98.4kg)

Thank goodness for small achievements - I am heading in the right direction at last! Yesterday I had a piece of bread for breakfast, stir fried leek and cabbage for lunch (with garlic and a little bacon), and for dinner I had a piece of fillet steak, two little lamb cutlets and rocket salad (and a little bit of seafood salad). The man and I went to see a movie and that stopped me snacking for the evening .... though I would have loved a bucket of popcorn and a frozen coke!

For 4 weeks I never got out of the 99s. Something was wrong there. I think its little snacks I must have that all add up. And I wasn't using the CK food diary, which I know I should. Then I got sick a few days ago. We had a fancy dinner to go to, a 10 course degustation dinner we had booked for months. I felt weird a couple of hours beforehand and thought I'd shake it off. That did not work and every time food was brought to the table, I would feel like throwing up. Twice I had to leave to table because my body's reaction was so strong, on the second time I left I did throw up. On the upside, it seems to have kicked off me being in the 98s. Yay!

The movie we saw last night was Blue Valentine. I wouldn't bother going if I was you, unless you are really bored and there is nothing else. The description sounded meaningful and good, and though I can see some parts of it were cleverly done and there were a number of subtle messages in the movie, I think it missed the main message it intended to send. It could have achieved so much more. The acting was very good.

I am back at work tomorrow after being off for nearly 3 blissful weeks. I'm very grateful for my job and there are aspects of it I do enjoy, but I am so not looking forward to the pressure of it. I am looking forward to seeing many of the people again. I will need to focus on my healthy lifestyle goals.

Goals for next week;
1. 6am Get up and walk the dogs for 40 minutes (goal is to do this at least 3 times a week)
2. Get into the 97s
3. Have breakfast every morning & drink lots of water during the work day

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