Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day back At Work 98.8kg

Up by a bit in weight (was 98.4kg yesterday) - disappointing, but realistically it is probably part of normal day to day fluctuations. We'll see how I go by Monday after a week. I vow to weigh less than I did today!

After a couple of weeks off, today I was back at work. It wasn't too bad actually. I am so lucky to have a good job, so lucky to have my life. Plus in the last month I got a little new car (I had to trade my other one in before it died completely on me) and got a new iPhone - the man paid for the upfront handset fee as a Christmas gift (I had the original which was so slow). Life's pretty good. I got off the train getting home today and thought to myself "Life is good". Its so nice to be in a good place in my head.

So this morning it really humid. I drove the dogs to the park and ran around with them. Got home and I was sweating from the humidity. I couldn't even get my makeup on properly because I kept sweating. It was just insane.
Good Part: I did get up early enough to take the dogs to the park, though it was a quick trip and I did very little exercise.

Got to the train station in good time, but no trains were running because someone stole copper and they weren't working. Took a bus etc and got to work late.
Good Part: I did take a multigrain sandwich with ham and lettuce, no butter.

I ate 3 little pieces of chocolate today and a tiny bit of ice-cream - like a quarter of a scoop. For dinner I had a scoop of mashed potatoes with my steak :( I think that its these little indiscretions that are undoing me. so its good that I write about what I ate here because it make me reflect on what I ate and focus on doing better tomorrow
Good Part: I ate breakfast, I drank water, I snacked on 2 pieces of fruit. I had a light lunch and a lean steak for dinner. I ate consciously and had very little that was processed, and no coffee.

PS I am reading a book called Cleo by Helen Brown. Its a lovely book, about a woman whose 9 year old son is hit and killed by a car, and how the kitten he wanted for his birthday helps her and his little brother heal. Its a charming easy-to-read-well-written-enjoyable book for any woman, but cat lovers will especially like it.

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