Saturday, January 8, 2011

8th Jan: 2011, This is it. (98.8kg)

OK, so inspired by other people I have started this blog to focus on weight loss.
I realise that I am the sort of person who must eat consciously otherwise weight piles on.
I hit 100kg in December and swore I will not be in triple figures, no not again! So I have stayed under 100kg but for two weeks I tried so hard to be good, and exercising, but still stayed in the 99's. I have finally just broken into the 98's and I hope this is a trend that will gain momentum. I need to exercise more. I am not good at it. I have an elliptical in my lounge room, and never use it. Need to make that part of my life. I am soooo lazy!

So this is my blog of how I lost at least 10kg during 2011 :)
This, is it.

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