Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queensland Floods :(

I was in tears at work today as a colleague told me what was going on in Queensland. We then watched video footage on the internet and we were in tears. The floods and force and swiftness with which they they hit today is devastating. The evacuation centre wont let anyone bring pets and many must be lost or drowned. It just tragic and they say tomorrow will be even worse. I send all my wishes for everyone in the floods. I am so sorry about what they are going through, humans, furry and feathered ones alike.

As for my weight, I was really looking forward to seeing what I weighed this morning. I had a feeling it was going to show good progress, and that motivates me massively. But I forgot in my hurry to get ready for work! Doesn't matter. I was pretty good with food again today so by Monday I should definitely be showing significant progress. Hopefully I will be around 97.0 - at least I will be in the 97's and I will get as close as I can to 97.0. I must to break out of the 98s. Then I will get into the 96's and be close to 95 again!!

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