Wednesday, January 25, 2012

87.5kg 41% BF Wed 25th Jan

87.5kg yesterday and today - phew. Happy with that. Would have liked to have gotten to the 86s before leaving for my Europe trip but I'll take what I have. I'm going to have to be very careful not to come back at 90kg.

Monday, January 23, 2012

88.8kg but working hard

I thought I'd be in the 87's today, I have been working so hard.....maybe its muscle...maybe I am eating too much. Need to start a food diary. I have noticed I let myself get real hungry and then eat badly. But I have been really good relatively speaking.

Had Just Right for breakfast. Had a PT session this morning 280 cals, then went to the gym and did 18 minutes on an expresso bike taking my cals to 480 - I pushed hard - watts were over 120 alot but when I got tired I had to work to keep it above 100 watts. When I was finishing I went up to 200 watts.

Got home, was starving, had a Weight Watchers chicken stir fry at 11.30am and a few pretzels.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

22nd Jan 88.3kg

Weight not shifting but working hard. So it should shift soon.
Yesterday forgot my HRM but did a circuit class and had a PT session with Victor (who is amazing and worked me so hard) and I estimate I would have burned 600+ cals. Victor is not available for regular sessions so that is a huge shame as he seems to be a one in a million PT.

Today have done a 40 minute walk with the dogs and burned 234 Cals Right calf seized yesterday but is much better today.

Friday, January 20, 2012

88.1kg Heading in the right direction again

Feeling very tired, not sleeping well. Calves very sore today, hard to walk. Had Thai Beef Salad last night - very nice, and healthy too.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Going well, but need the weight to go down.

Boxing circuit 30 minutes
Bike 10 minutes
PT 30 minutes
668 Cals
Walk 30 minutes 200 cals
Ped 3558 steps, 2.6km, 182 cals, ave speed 5.1kmph (did very little jogging, did zero in zone 3.

Total cals for day 868.

Feeling really good about getting into the swing of exercise again. Just need to improve on the food front. Ate well yesterday for my meals but ate badly in between. Enjoying to PT studio, its friendly and relaxed.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

89kg Oh No!

Had Nachos with beef and sour cream last night - two serves! I loved it! But I should not have. It was kinda a last meal thinking thing. I know food is my downfall and I will do more planning and more determination to improve.

Walk/Jog 55 minutes, 6224 steps, 4.8km 339 cals, ave sped 5.3kmph
HRM cals 450
Calories fat 27%
Zone 1 10.14 Zone 2 36.41 Zone 3 11.06
Ave 130 74% Max 154 88%
58.24 min

Monday, January 16, 2012

88.4kg Day 1 Preseason Round 12 WBT - 2012 - GOAL SET

10kg lost by May 4th (78.4kg)
Stretch Goal 13.4kg (end weight of 75kg)

Current weight - Day 1 Preseason - 88.4kg
End Goal May 4 - End of Round 1 - 78.4kg

PT sessions started Thursday, had one today 16/1, then Thursday 19/1, and Saturday 21/1, Monday 23/1 - Europe(?).
Then Saturday 11th Feb, M-T-S ongoing.

Received my new Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor
Finess level result OwnZone 30 - 1st test 28, 2nd test 30 = Moderate for my age
Not bad really!
Need 34-37 to improve to 'Good'

I set up the STAR Training Program to maximise fitness
Time Target for this week - 6hrs
Calorie Burn Target - 2650 kcal's (I'd usually aim for 3500 cals - 500x5 days 1000x1 day)
2hrs 10 min Zone 1
3hrs 5 mins Zone 2
45 mins Zone 3

Did a walk/jog after dinner, pedometer 3372 steps, 2.557km, 175.9 cals burned, ave sped 5kmph, 30.46 minutes.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

15th Jan Sunday

Did one lap of neighbourhood route
30 minutes, 2.6km 182 cals on pedometer, ave 5.2, steps 3452

Ate one bowl Just Right with soy milk - will see if it makes me sick
Had white rice last night, did not make me feel sick

Saturday, January 14, 2012

14th Jan 88.1kg

Put my HRM on for the first time in ages, went for a walk/jog with the dogs.

1 hour
7018 steps
ave speed 5.5kmph
calories burned 557

So I have increased the calories burned in an hour. I used to burn about 300 in an hour. The ave speed is about the same though. I thought it might be higher. I am walking and jogging intermittently. I tired to keep my HRM at 140+ by jogging. Anyway, a good thing to do. Two laps of my neighbourhood via around the football oval. I can see in 3 months how much faster I can do the same distance, or how much further I can go in the same time. It makes me realise that for C25K in 30 minutes I'd have to double my speed! Well, thats ok - I'd be glad to be able to jog 5km in any time without stopping.

Possible Food Allergy (just my notes)

Having a problem feeling sick - maybe a food allergy.
Mid 2011 after illness found I felt sick if I had large amounts of milk. Switched to soy milk.
Late 2011 I found I felt sick after eating bread. Stopped eating bread.
Tried gluten free bread - seems ok

Lately feeling great in the morning, but dreadful in the afternoon - uncomfortable, a bit bloated, dull tummy ache, no diarrhoea.

Wed I had muesli and soy milk and chicken and corn soup - sick
Thursday I had only home made chicken and corn soup with leek and onion and cam bells chicken stock, garlic and pepper. I did not feel sick.
Friday I had mini pita bread chicken thing from nandos for lunch and felt really sick all afternoon and early evening.
Today I had cottage cheese, soy milk, lemon juice for breakfast and but of lamb stew with potato for lunch - feeling really sick

I thought maybe I was gluten intolerant and then maybe wheat and oat intolerant as well.
But today I have had no wheat, no gluten and no oats....and I feel so sick this afternoon.
Just recording this stuff to help work out what is wrong.

Friday, January 13, 2012

13th Jan Fri 88.2kg feel icky but getting somewhere

I think I have a bug. Feeling really flat and blah all week.
But looking back on the week I am somewhat proud of myself.
Even though I feel like absolute crap I have;

- joined a PT studio
- had my first class at that studio
- had my first PT session (and liked it)
- bought a new HRM, the FT80 (due next week)
- bought a mini trampoline
- decided to get back into C25k instead of quitting at W5D2, and go back to W4 or W5D1 and just repeat until feeling more capable.

The old me would not have done these things! Its nice to realise I have changed for the better :)
Posting in the 12WBT forums today has also helped me today. I can feel me getting my mojo back.
reading the forums, especially the posts by first timers makes me realise how far I have come since I started my first round. Wow, such a huge difference - a god difference, in how I think, how active I am, what I can do, how I approach things....

Wish I didn't feel sick, argghhhh. Oh and I also got motivated also by the amazing bellax's blog (she has gone from massive to tiny!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First PT Session 88.5kg

Feeling flat and sad.
Went to first PT and boxing session.
Boxing was just a circuit that included a few boxing moves. PT is good, felt comfortable with her, she seems to know exactly what she is doing. We went through using some of the weight machines which was good and I look forward to using them more. I got that good feeling that I get when doing pump.
For next two weeks will do Monday PT session, Tuesday Pump, Wed Thump Boxing, Thurs Boxing+PT session, Friday Body Attack or GE circuit + gym work, Sat 10 Croydon Pump.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11th Jan 2012, 87.9kg Signed up for PT sessions

I was 88.5kg yesterday...a whopping 3 kg up form my Week 12 Michelle Bridges 12WBT weight. Shame on me. but I can't seem to get myself back on track. I find myself not going to gym classes that I intended to go to. I find myself eating things I should not be eating, telling myse;f...ust this once. And its been over 4 weeks of this. I feel fat and unfit and slobby.....I want to feel fit again. I want to feel strong again.

What went wrong?
Ending Week 12 of Round 3 on a high I let myself have a week off ....bad move. I should have kept on track, maybe done one less workout, maybe had one extra naughty meal - but I should have measured and controlled my exceptions to prevent one day or one week turn into more and more. Didn't help that it was the Christmas/New Year season too.

Being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel was a downer and I then stopped going to Body Pump classes which I was doing 2-3 times a week.

Once you start slacking off, it seems its easier to continue to slack off and so much harder to get back to being more disciplined. So next time I will control my slack-offs....not just do cart-blanche slack-offs that turn from a day into says, into weeks into over a month.

Current weight - around 88kg
Goal - 86kg by Jan 26th
Whatever I am when I return from Europe, it will be round 1 2012 and I will be heading into the 70s

Challenges coming up;
- Mole surgeries
- Carpal Tunnel surgeries
- Crown surgeries
- Hypertension to manage
- Moving in with partner
- Moving house
- Starting full time work

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4th January 2012 - 87.7kg

Got to Week 12 12WBT and made it to 85.5kg and then slacked off. So I need to work hard to get back into it - proper eating and regular exercise. Went to Boxing class this morning for the first class in 2 weeks and it was hard but I felt so good after it. I wish it was on every morning! Going to Europe end of the month, and would like to get to 85's again by then.