Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11th Jan 2012, 87.9kg Signed up for PT sessions

I was 88.5kg yesterday...a whopping 3 kg up form my Week 12 Michelle Bridges 12WBT weight. Shame on me. but I can't seem to get myself back on track. I find myself not going to gym classes that I intended to go to. I find myself eating things I should not be eating, telling myse;f...ust this once. And its been over 4 weeks of this. I feel fat and unfit and slobby.....I want to feel fit again. I want to feel strong again.

What went wrong?
Ending Week 12 of Round 3 on a high I let myself have a week off ....bad move. I should have kept on track, maybe done one less workout, maybe had one extra naughty meal - but I should have measured and controlled my exceptions to prevent one day or one week turn into more and more. Didn't help that it was the Christmas/New Year season too.

Being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel was a downer and I then stopped going to Body Pump classes which I was doing 2-3 times a week.

Once you start slacking off, it seems its easier to continue to slack off and so much harder to get back to being more disciplined. So next time I will control my slack-offs....not just do cart-blanche slack-offs that turn from a day into says, into weeks into over a month.

Current weight - around 88kg
Goal - 86kg by Jan 26th
Whatever I am when I return from Europe, it will be round 1 2012 and I will be heading into the 70s

Challenges coming up;
- Mole surgeries
- Carpal Tunnel surgeries
- Crown surgeries
- Hypertension to manage
- Moving in with partner
- Moving house
- Starting full time work

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