Friday, January 13, 2012

13th Jan Fri 88.2kg feel icky but getting somewhere

I think I have a bug. Feeling really flat and blah all week.
But looking back on the week I am somewhat proud of myself.
Even though I feel like absolute crap I have;

- joined a PT studio
- had my first class at that studio
- had my first PT session (and liked it)
- bought a new HRM, the FT80 (due next week)
- bought a mini trampoline
- decided to get back into C25k instead of quitting at W5D2, and go back to W4 or W5D1 and just repeat until feeling more capable.

The old me would not have done these things! Its nice to realise I have changed for the better :)
Posting in the 12WBT forums today has also helped me today. I can feel me getting my mojo back.
reading the forums, especially the posts by first timers makes me realise how far I have come since I started my first round. Wow, such a huge difference - a god difference, in how I think, how active I am, what I can do, how I approach things....

Wish I didn't feel sick, argghhhh. Oh and I also got motivated also by the amazing bellax's blog (she has gone from massive to tiny!

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