Monday, July 25, 2011


Bugger, went over 90 again. Really needing to lose a few kilos, to head to 85kg.
Walked and burned 350 cals today. Making a curry for tonight. Bought a cheap electric blanket today - Yay!!! Its ready to go, not the same as my Sunbeam Electric doona but they don't make those anymore - so I cant wait for bed time :) Just wish I had a TV in my room, but I read - that's nice.

I also am getting into Agile PMing - Its so me, so its a super good use of time.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5th July 2011 90.4kg

Walked 500 cals this morning (76 minutes, 6.4km, 8613 steps).
I am close to getting back into the 80's.
I will do it.
I love the 80's :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2nd July 91.4kg

Not losing weight despite ramping up the calories I am burning. But in writing down everything I eat here, I can't ignore that I am snacking on high calorie and high fat food.

- So I need to keep up the exercise and reduce y calorie and fat intake.
- Simple really.
- I must stay in the 80's and head toward 85kg and under.
- 90's is not acceptable
- Although I am not losing weight, I know that maintaining my focus will get me there, even if its taking longer than it should.
- i will not let getting into the 90's get me down because then I feel defeated.
- If I feel defeated I lose my focus and don't get the results I need.
- Besides, I am not my weight and I love who I am. I just feel even better when I am in the 80's.

Friday, July 1, 2011

1st July 91.3kg

Not much change, but ate all the wrong snacks - high in cals and fat.
But went for another 65 minute walk today and burned 450 cals. For some reason my HRM was staying in low numbers today - a bit frustrating but I kept on going.

Had 2 pieces of toast with cheese for lunch
2 mini packets of pizza shapes
One soy milk coffee
4 Rasberry biscuits

Won Ton Soup
4 steamed oysters
a serving of noodles with some seafood
4 shots of kahlua

2 pieces of chocolate - maybe 40 grams