Monday, January 23, 2012

88.8kg but working hard

I thought I'd be in the 87's today, I have been working so hard.....maybe its muscle...maybe I am eating too much. Need to start a food diary. I have noticed I let myself get real hungry and then eat badly. But I have been really good relatively speaking.

Had Just Right for breakfast. Had a PT session this morning 280 cals, then went to the gym and did 18 minutes on an expresso bike taking my cals to 480 - I pushed hard - watts were over 120 alot but when I got tired I had to work to keep it above 100 watts. When I was finishing I went up to 200 watts.

Got home, was starving, had a Weight Watchers chicken stir fry at 11.30am and a few pretzels.

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