Thursday, June 30, 2011


So today I hit a massive high, putting on a kilo since yesterday. weird, but I did have a very indulgent dinner.

Its kinda devastating, but there is nothing to do but focus on reducing that and heading to 85kg. I have brought this on myself and I need to undo it myself.

Walked an hour this morning - burned 500 cals

Home made chicken soup
Tuna and watercress salad
2 pieces of chocolate
6 chocolate coated wheaten biscuits
6 pork spare ribs (American style)
1 mini pack shapes

If I did not have the snacks I would have been ok!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

29th June, 90.5kg

OK, so I have hit 90kg again. I am exercising about an hour a day minimum, but I got into the habit of having apple pie and vanilla icecream at night, and having biscuits and tea in the afternoons, and a little bit of chocolate, some peanuts...that sort of thing. I think its a trap you can get into being at home. I also know my dinner serves are too big.

I'm not going to let this get me down. I am in a good place. For example, this morning when I weighed myself, I was dismayed to see the 90's but instead of eating chocolate and putting the TV on, I went out and walked a good fast hours worth and burned 400 cals.

I need to really dedicate myself to reducing my weight. I am not happy being 90kg. I am happy when I am 85kg.
I am planning to get to the 87's by Friday 8th July.
This will require a significant change in my habits and my food.
I plan to eat vegies and protein.
I will limit my protein serve sizes and eat more vegetables if I am hungry
I will still have my soy milk
I will aim to burn minimum 700 cals a day - eg 1 hr walk + a Michelle Bridges DVD or a gym class eg Body Pump

As for my meningitis, I still get tingly hands and the shakes have returned again yesterday. They don't overly worry me, I am just paying attention to them. My BP stays consistent, more often in the 90's than the 80's.

As a side note, yesterday I went to buy a 10kg bag of cat biscuits due to Royal Canin having import challenges. when carrying this bag to the car I realised that 6 months ago I weighed 10kg more than I do now, and wow, that is alot of weight!

Friday, June 10, 2011

12WBT Day 18

Yesterday I burned 400cals walking the dogs for an hour. Day before I burned about 650 with a dog walk and the cardio DVD. Today I burned 650 cals doing a Body Pump class. So I'm feeling god about exercise but need to focus on not munching on food. I have that feeling where I need to be eating and munching constantly, like biscuits, toast, popcorn, icecreams etc. So I bought some mandarins and oranges to 'munch' on instead.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 16 12WBT - 89.9kg (+0.7kg since Day 1)

OMG, my weight gain is out of control. I'm a whisker away from 90kg! I'm doing a fair bit of exercise but I am eating too much. Went for an hour walk with the dogs this morning, burned 380 cals. I need to really focus on low cal food. I have salmon and vegies for a stir fry. That should be fine. I feel so badly, I was so close to 85kg and I blew it. I must take control!

When I take control and am closer to 85kg I feel sexier, healthier, fitter, happier...I feel like I can do anything. I will feel that way again! And soon!!

Walked for an hour and burned 380 cals
Did Michelle bridge Super Shredder Circuits 1, 2, 3 & 4 and burned 300 cals
Feel good for doing the above. Should try to do Michelle's Toned and Terrific DVD for variety.

Drinking water
Drinking soy milk and had no stomach issues, must have some issue with lactose.
Need to remember to take probiotics a few times a week, my omega 3 and multivitamins.

Meningitis Related
Friend and sister both noticed my hands were shaking on the weekend. Bummer, thought that was over.
Hands are getting tingles still, mostly at night but now also during the day the tingles stay. Worried about nerve damage causing this.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

89.3kg 4th June - End of week 2, 12WBT

Last week I was bad, little exercise and ate too much. I was on the BPM course doing my Master in it and I was waking up at 5.30am, leaving home at 7am and arriving home by 7pm. I was tired from full days of using my brain. I even forgot to weigh myself each morning and by Saturday I was thinking I might tip the scales at over 90kg. I was relieved not to.

Yesterday I was with my sister who is visiting here from the other side of the country and we ate alot. Lunch, afternoon tea, dinner at a restaurant .... This morning I read a great post by a lady who write her blog "From F***d to Fab" and she was motivating, and said just what I need - just do it, just do something for your health and fitness every day, it doesn't have be to run 10km like other people seem to do. So I went out and walked 5km at as fast a pace I could muster.

The course was great. Met some nice people, got my brain active, got me a little excited about possibilities, made me a better person in terms of my work life and business