Saturday, January 14, 2012

14th Jan 88.1kg

Put my HRM on for the first time in ages, went for a walk/jog with the dogs.

1 hour
7018 steps
ave speed 5.5kmph
calories burned 557

So I have increased the calories burned in an hour. I used to burn about 300 in an hour. The ave speed is about the same though. I thought it might be higher. I am walking and jogging intermittently. I tired to keep my HRM at 140+ by jogging. Anyway, a good thing to do. Two laps of my neighbourhood via around the football oval. I can see in 3 months how much faster I can do the same distance, or how much further I can go in the same time. It makes me realise that for C25K in 30 minutes I'd have to double my speed! Well, thats ok - I'd be glad to be able to jog 5km in any time without stopping.

Possible Food Allergy (just my notes)

Having a problem feeling sick - maybe a food allergy.
Mid 2011 after illness found I felt sick if I had large amounts of milk. Switched to soy milk.
Late 2011 I found I felt sick after eating bread. Stopped eating bread.
Tried gluten free bread - seems ok

Lately feeling great in the morning, but dreadful in the afternoon - uncomfortable, a bit bloated, dull tummy ache, no diarrhoea.

Wed I had muesli and soy milk and chicken and corn soup - sick
Thursday I had only home made chicken and corn soup with leek and onion and cam bells chicken stock, garlic and pepper. I did not feel sick.
Friday I had mini pita bread chicken thing from nandos for lunch and felt really sick all afternoon and early evening.
Today I had cottage cheese, soy milk, lemon juice for breakfast and but of lamb stew with potato for lunch - feeling really sick

I thought maybe I was gluten intolerant and then maybe wheat and oat intolerant as well.
But today I have had no wheat, no gluten and no oats....and I feel so sick this afternoon.
Just recording this stuff to help work out what is wrong.

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