Friday, January 21, 2011

On track (97.8kg), but more exercise would be better

I am doing ok. I am so very relieved to see the 97s again today, after being back in the 98s yesterday. Especially since I had some cheese last night.

Bircher Muesli
Small sashimi, 1 yakitori skewer
Cecconis dinner (entre, Gnocchi, small desert)

Mostly I eat salads, fish and lean meat like fillet steak. I gave away the M&M packet in my draw so I would not be tempted. I had sashimi for lunch with 1 skewer of chicken. All afternoon I was craving twisties but I did not succumb to the craving. I seem to want to stay away from bread. I have less coffee because there is a fair amount of fat in a latte (8gms if I remember correctly) and the skinny lattes taste awful to me. If I do have a coffee I have a small late with 1 sugar rather a large with 2 sugars. When I make a tea for myself I have 1 sugar instead of two, so that I am gradually reducing the sugar in my diet.

Bircher Muesli, tea
Tom Yum Soup

The thing I am lacking is exercise. I need to up the exercise. Its going to have be upped alot on weekends because during the week I am really tired. I need to work on going to bed much earlier than I do so that I get closer to 8 hours sleep than 5-6 hours - its really awful being so tired.

This weekend I am planning to walk the Tan track around the Botanical Gardens. Its 3.8km with a steep hill. Although its not close to where I live, that seems perfect for me. The dogs will love it too. Also its lit up til midnight so its a place I go for night walks. I am hoping to get in alot of exercise this weekend and see if I can break into the 96s. That would be so fabulous....I could then almost touch the 95s and be well away from the 100kg I was back up at Christmas time. So I have a serious objective this weekend. I really am going to commit to it - its the two days I can make a difference.

Eat well
Aim to move from high 97s to low 97s or even better ....high 96s

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