Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eating Consciously - doing ok

I have been good all week (Mon, Tues, Wed) back at work. I have been eating consciously and avoiding bad and high cal foods. I have been eating whole grains, lean meat, tuna and not eating whenever I have felt like it....using willpower to distract myself. Today I got some popcorn from the health food store. It was plain but nice. So I am proud of myself for my restraint and commitment to eating as need to.

What I am not doing well is exercise.
Its been raining all day every day just about and so I have not walked the dog because its how with 98% humidity and I can't put raincoats on them as they will get hot.
I have also been tired and not sleeping well
But today I did walk up the escalators at the train station.

What I know is that be in the 97s for Monday, I am going to need to do significant exercise. If I do I will get there. If I don't I wont. How bad do I want this? I know I am more comfortable in my skin at 90 than 99 so its up to me.

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