Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yes! 97.5kg

Can't wait to get into the 80's.
Very glad to be 97.5kg today. I was 97.2kg at 10am but my weight is always recorded before 8am. Maybe I can get into the 96s by Monday...maybe. I don't feel so well, sore throat etc. But will try to get in alot of exercise this weekend. I feel like making biscuits and cakes and eating lot of yummy food, cheese - so will have to curb those desires if I am to make the 96s.

Sick suddenly yesterday evening - sore throat. Today very weak.

Breakfast - nil (slept late)
Lunch - yum cha (Various, did not eat much)
Dinner - small snack, not hungry

Went for a 30 minute walk, its all I could manage.

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