Wednesday, September 21, 2011

90.1kg 2nd weigh in. 400g a week loss

A 400 gram loss is definitely heading in the right direction. However I was very flat and rather crushed that it was not more like an 800g loss. Stupidly I had 3 huge bowls of broccoli soup yesterday. I made it for the family and had some and more. I thought that it was a low cal type of food and would be ok, but it seems I was wrong since I out on 200g over night.

I got so disheartened when I saw on the 12WVT forum that alot of people lost 1kg, 1.5kg, over 2nd in the time I cost 400 grams. But some people stuck to the program and put on weight and I really feel for them. I'm sure if we all just keep going, in 12 weeks things will even out and be good.

I'm aiming for > 400 g loss next Wednesday. I want to get solidly in the the 87s will make me not at risk of ever waking up finding myself in the 90s again. I need to be constant with my efforts. I need to focus. I need to take things one day at a time.

Next Tuesday, I want to have no snacks and no dinner to optimize the results for the Wednesday weigh in.

I think Sunday 4th December is the final day of Round 3 12 WBT. I want to be 85kg or less by then, I really really really do!

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