Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mish's Reflection, Recognition and Recommittment exercise

Mish says "I want you to reflect on the three main areas where you are having setbacks. It could be around dinner time portion sizes, eating after dinner, skipping breakfast, skipping workouts etc. Let’s face it, we’re pretty predictable. What you had trouble with yesterday, I’m guessing you’ll struggle with today. Whatever area’s you are struggling with. I want you to write down:"

WHAT - it is you are struggling with
- My answer: Consistency in eating well, sticking to no more than 1200 cals, and exercising every day 500 cals M-F, 1000 Sat. So far I'm doing ok. I've had one a day a week where I feel too tired and lethargic and burn only 200+ cals, but at least I do something. Mostly I am sticking to under 1200 cals.

WHY - this is a problem
- My answer: This is a problem because I quit last time, and I don't want to quit. I want to change my lifestyle, my focus in life, my quality of life, my length of a healthy good life. I want to be able to be a size 12 so I can buy anything in any store.

HOW - are you going to fix this?
- My answer: Continue planning and improve my planning of food and exercise. At the moment I do it the night before the day. Now that I have joined a -gym I can focus on that gym and the one timetable instead of three. I'm going to try different exercises, different machine, I am going to try weights and maybe Thump Boxing, swimming and different Les Mills classes to shake up my options and keep me from getting bored.


WHAT - are the main head space changes you have noticed
- My answer: I have a can do attitude now. I find that getting into the action of exercising, of eating well, using my food diary, using this blog, getting better with my snacks etc gets me motivated to do it more and do it better.

HOW - is this affecting your life and/or how you feel
- My answer: I feel sexy and confident and powerful and beautifully in control. I'm excited about how I will be at Christmas. I'll be hospital exit weight and not that people noticed I'd lost weight back then, but that doesn't matter. What will matter is that I'll be back to post hospital weight but healthy and strong!

WHAT - can you do to ensure these headspace changes keep occurring
- My answer: Keep using MyNetDiary to record wight, food and exercise. Keep on the WBT forum. Keep planning. If things don't go well, just get on with it. Never ever quit.

WHAT - are your new one month goals.
- My answer:
- By end of October I will weigh 87kgs, losing weekly over 4 weeks 2x500g and 2x1kg
- By end of November I will be in the 85kg range
- By end of December I will be under 85kg, in the low 80kg range

HOW - are you going to get there
- Continue to plan, but plan weeks, not days in advance

COMMIT - Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and re-commit. Take it day by day, meal by meal, workout by workout. Remember it’s the tiny little decisions every day that are the important ones. Get on top of these and you’ll be on-top of the world.
- I am committed to this.

Consistency is key - not perfection! In fact it’s my type A perfectionists that often flop because of the pressure they put on themselves. I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I do expect you to remain consistent.

And if any of you pull out the ‘Oh it’s all too hard’ card - I’ll be sending you one big ‘wet-fish slap’ from me to you! You want to know about all too hard? Try carrying an extra 10-50kg around 24/7. Try coping with the gamete of diseases that follow on from ill health. Try being burdened with the emotional strain that comes with being unhealthy. Then, and this is the cherry on top, try passing all of these things onto your children. Which road do you think will be the harder road, long term?

I’m not denying that what we are doing here is tough. Breaking lifelong habits is very hard. But that’s why we’ve got each other here for support. That’s why I’ve developed this program, to give you the tools to completely transform your life. Believe it or not, this doesn’t have to be hard. Some members have fun, enjoy the process, and I have no doubt that each and every one of you has the inner strength to make this happen.

As soon as you realize that NO-ONE else can do this for you. That YOU have to find the inner strength to do this for yourself, the sooner you will feel empowered, driven and motivated to be the BEST version of yourself. You deserve this. I believe that you CAN do this. Now YOU’VE got to believe it.

Mish xxx

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