Tuesday, September 27, 2011

89.3kg Yes!

Ok, so 89.3kg today, and the scales nearly gave me 89.2kg. I just need to be 89.1kg tomorrow so I will have made a 1kg loss in the last week on the 12WBT.

I feel tired but going to a Body Ump class, did one last night and I'm sore so nit sure I should but I'm going to see what it does, last nights only burned 300 cals andi usually burn 400 cals, but. Am finding instructors are doing different releases, i think they don't like the current one and last nights just didn't have alot of high heart rate work in it, even though I was using 7kg in weights.

I meeting a friend for lunch today, she has a new assignment starting any day now so we are taking advantage of today. But she has chosen Asian food so it's going to be difficult to choose something light and low in sodium. I am focused on being 89.1kg tomorrow which means a drop of 400g today and then another 200g tomorrow. It's doable because I was 89.1kg on Sunday morning.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Got to get to my pump class. I'm tired but I'm happy that I am so focused and doing so well. A kilo loss in a week is very cool! Please please please let me be 89.1kg tomorrow morning!!

Had lunch at a Vietnamese place in BoxHill, ordered chicken in vermicelli soup, plain, tasty and hopefuly low in calories. Sodium is the risk factor for that dish. Had left over chicken curry for dinner. Had a few biscuits, should be ok.

Went to Genisis fitness Gym to talk about their services and membership. I contacted three local gyms and Genisis was the only one that was super friendly and helpful, and made a time for me to go in and meet with her. I went and she like 12 LOL but very lovely, showed me around and signed me to a 12 month membership with a get out clause if I move house. Its only $17 a week ( less than the price of a single casual class) no joining fee. They have Body Pump, Body Step, Body Vive, body Step, Body Combat, two squash courts, spa and sauna, heaps of cardio equipment, heaps of weights, a cycle room, a lounge area, a 25 m pool.

I'm so proud of where I am. I am loving getting fitter and healthier. I laugh when I think about how every day I consider which gym classes or work I'll do the next day. I love how focused I am on health and fitness and I love how good I feel. I feel in control, and very lucky to be not working so I can focus on this stuff. I bought anlittle dress/tunic in Toorak the other day, so cute! And I know I could not wear that if I weighed 5kg more than I do now. In it feel pretty and feminine. I know I'm a bigger girl, but I feel sexy and fab.

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