Wednesday, September 28, 2011

89.5kg 600g loss

Well I did not make my goal of 1kg lost in the last week. I did on Sunday but....well, maybe next week..
Sept 7 90.9kg week before week 1
Sept 14 90.5kg week 1 weigh in - 400g
Sept 21 90.1kg week 2 weigh in - 400g
Sept 28 89.5kg week 3 weigh in - 600g

Went to the gym for the first time, the new one I signed up to last night. I intended to go to a Body Vibe class because a description I saw on the gym timetable said it's a combination of cardio and strength. But when ingot there, a poster explained it's actually toning work on a ball. I walked away and went to the equipment area downstairs. I knew I wanted to use the tread climber, the rowing machine and the bike with the computer screens and graphic with great scenery (it's like riding along a nice bike path, or a circuit, or a mountain track....whatever you choose).

So I went to reception and told them I didn't know how to use the equipment. They got a PT to come and show me, and I did 20 minutes on each and burned 500 cals. Each is different. The tread climber was the hardest work but my heart rate came up very quickly. The bike was handwork too and I don't have the hang of the gears yet but it's fun, and the rower was really easy and my heart rate was easily in the mid 140's.

What am I doing?

I record every bit of food and cup of tea, everything in a food diary (including daily weight and exercise).
I am active in the WBT forum and the DOL Michelle Bridges thread - keeps me focused.
I burn 500 cals a day M-F (usually mid week I have a day I only get to 250 cals though)
I burn 800 cals on Saturdays (so far not able to get to 1000)
I rest on Sunday
Sunday night is my treat night
I have muesli or special k for breakfast every day except Sunday
Sunday I have an egg on toast, grilled tomatoe, a little bacon for breakfast

I lose on average 500g a week.
I have lost 3kg since preseason started (mid August) in about 6 weeks.

What am I going to change?

I'm going to burn 500 cals every day M-F without exception
I'm going to try to get over 1000 cals on SSS this Saturday
I'm going to eat better on Sundays
I'm going to eat better every day
I do succumb to snacks I shouldn't have sometimes, I'll get better at that
I'm going to be strict with food Monday and Tuesday for the week 4 weigh in on Wednesday.

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