Monday, September 12, 2011

90.4kg Day One 12 WBT Round 3

My goal was to be in the 80 kilo range by today. I did not achieve that but I did lose 2kg so I am very happy with that and so glad to be on track and heading in the right direction. It's took a while to get into the swing of things. I was snacking and eating big, so although in was exercising alot I was putting on weight. Recording my food in my iPad app MyNetDiary every day made me realize what I was eating and how much I was snacking and I gradually got better with food.

I bought Michelle Bridges cook book and starting trying some of those recipes. I found I like mountain bread, I get the lite one it's so thin and lite and nice to eat. Before now I hated wraps.

Burning 500 cals is really hard for me. It takes an hour and a half and I get sick and tired of it. I used to burn 100 cals every ten minutes, now I only burn 70 cals every 10 minutes and nit gets me down a bit sometimes. So I try to do a bit on the elliptical. I have the cardio shredder DVD, Wii Zumba, Wii personal trainer....but have not used them yet. Need to work out how to mix it all up.

Now that I understand that I need deficit calories to lose weight, cals eaten - BMR - cals burned = deficit cals. 7000 deficit cals a week equates to a kilo of weight loss. So it motivates me to max my cals burned and min my cals eaten.

I am determined to be less than 85kg by Christmas and I'm prepared to work hard to get there. I am not prepared to give up restaurants, but I'll make it work.

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