Sunday, September 25, 2011

89kg Woo Hoo

89kg today. Hoping....aiming to be 89.1kg at least for my weigh in on Wednesday.
Did SSS and burned 800 cals again....DVD+ elliptical and a pump class. It made me feel awesome, on top of the world, later that day I bought myself a new blouse, a pretty flowing light one for summer.

So far have avoided the flu my son has. I'm taking immune boosters and gargling with betadine. I get tingles in my throat but seem to be keeping that at bay with the gargling. I so want to avoid it!

Thinking out aloud, if I can lose 400 g by mid week 2
1kg week 3
500g week 4
1kg week 5
500g week 6 and so on, I can be 87kg by week 5 and
86kg week 6
85.5kg week 8
84.5kg week 9
84kg week 10
83kg week 11.... OMG that would be awesome!
82.5kg week 12 Dec 4
81.5kg Dec 11
81kg Dec 18
I could be in the 70kg range by end of the year if I don't over indulge during Christmas! What a great motivation to be good during Cristmas!

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