Thursday, September 22, 2011

90kg getting there

Ok heading down again. I expect to be in the 89.7 kg range in a few days.I'm looking forward to being 87 kg so I know I won't go into 90kg overnight. Of course under 85kg is more ideal for that!

To lose 1kilo I need to be 89.1kg next Wednesday. Some people on the 2WBT lost 1.5kg and over 2kg in just one week. I don't know how that is achieved. It feelsimpossible formme. If I lose 500 g every week I'll be happy, any more is a bonus.

Today I bought a top size L in a regular store - I love doing that.... fitting into clothes in regular stores :)

Wed was a slow flat day again, that is two Wednesdays in a row. Not sure if it's because I am not losing as much as I wanted on weigh in day or something else. I'll see how I go next week.

Today was not so good. Got up, burned 300 cals, felt so tired. Had some appointments to get ready for, went out, was on the road and needed lunch. Had a piadina....a thick pita bread with procuitto rocket and cheese .... so not ideal and I'm sure how many cals. For dinner i had a lite n easy meal. So I think I stayed around or about 1200 cals. But I also had 5 cream biscuits, so I sat there feeling guilty for a few hours and then got on the elliptical and burned another 200 cals. Still not ideal, but it could be worse.

Son is very sick with the flu so I'm hoping to avoid it. I went to the chemist and ended up with some immunity booster tablets. Let's hope they work. The good news is I am using my food diary every day, I am exercising every day. I am not eating Michelles food strictly but I am eating 1200 cals a day and under 30-40grams of fat. I feel good. I am focused. So all is generally good. It's just that some days I feel very tired. And many days I'd really like to just pig out on cake and pork spare ribs :)

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