Friday, September 30, 2011

89.6kg, can't shake this extra 500g since Sunday :(

Grrr It's annoying me thati was 89.1kg on Sunday and 89.6kg Wednesday and still today Friday. Well nothing I can do but increase my diligence with food choices and keep exercising.

I did a 500 cal cardio burn at the gym Wed and Thurs. I did a pump class followed 50 minutes of cardio today and burned 1000 cals. That is my first ever 1000 cal burn. The two Saturdays I burned 800 cals.

I have a few gripes about the gym, but I just need to not worry about it. However I'm going to list them here to get them off my chest.

- The gym alters it's timetable and staples the adjustments to a printed copy available near reception. It does not update it's website.
- The gym alters it's timetable and does not make sure thelarge timetable board near the drink fountain also reflects the changes. In fact today the website, the timetable atbreception and the large timetable on the wall near the water fountain were all different. I just think that is unnecessary and unprofessional. They should have all three places aligned by the time the gym opens this morning.
- People lay on the floor between bicycle equipment and have phone conversations, so no-one can use the cycle on either side of them and no staff member tells them move.
- There are TVs on you turned into a radio and listen to whichever channel you like. Well some people don't have headphones and just turn the TV up to super loud so they can hear it. But it's so loud that I can't hear my audiobook and I find it so noisy and awful, and no staff member changes this either. Yesterday it was some guy who wanted to watch a baseball game and today it was a guy wanting to watch the rally driving in W.A
- In the Pump Class we are in a workout room with floorboards, and one lady drops her barbells from like foot up and they make a BIG bang, so rude, so thoughtless, would be damaging the floor, and the instructor never asked her to please put them down rather than drop them.
- At other gyms at other Pump classes, there is a rule no- one can join the class 5 minutes after start time. Well people were waltzing in up to nearly 15 minutes after and weaving their way through the class setting themselves up
- People in that class were talking to each other throughout the class. I'm trying to listen to the instructor so I can improve my technique and these women behind me are all yelling above the music and the instructor having a good chat about the weekend.

deep breath....Ahhh I feel better now!

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