Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am so happy. I was feeling flat and lethargic after a few weeks of being good. It's like my body and my mind said "enough of this, give up now so we can go back to being sedentary, eating chocolate and cake etc".

Realizing that I was only burning 200 cals, not 500 when I got a new HRM, and then realizing I should burn 500+ cals a day it got tiring walking for an hour and a half. I got ankle weights but they cause blisters. Tried them on my wrists but they cause circulation issues in my hands. Haven't been going to pump classes.

Yesterday I did no exercise, but before bed I got myself on the elliptical and burned 250 cals.
This morning I used the Wii My Fitness Coach - Get in Shape and burned 500 calls in an hours.
Feel so good I did that.

Had a Lite n Easy Dinner last night and a Lite N Easy lunch today. Suspect they have alot more carbs than Michelle's food but as long as I stick to 1200 cals and burn 500 a day, I should be a-ok!

I'm so close to seeing the 80's again. It feels very good. It is so hard to lose weight. I don't ever to climb up again.
I want to see myself at the end of this 12 week challenge, around 10th December at around 85kg or less.

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