Friday, September 30, 2011

Later on Friday

Well I feel good for burning so many calories today. I suspect my HRM reported my cal burn too high, but I still did 1 HR and 50 minutes of exercise and for 80% of that time heart rate was 144- 170 bpm so at a guess it would at least be 800 cals which is pretty good.

I had a mountain bread wrap for lunch with avocado, roast beef, pepper and rocket. For dinner I made the tuna and veggie lasagna, and it was really good. I was famished so I had two serves but I still have 1000 deficit cals.

Blog question: What is my definition of health?

I am healthy;
- When my BMI is in the healthy range
- When my blood pressure and cholesterol are in normal ranges
- When I have work/life balance
- When I have inner calm and peace
- When I sleep well and wake up feeling good

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