Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 3 12WBT

Lost 200g so far so trending in the right direction. Did not follow the program yesterday since it was my birthday, but I wasn't silly either and did not over-indulge excessively.

I did most of my fitness test for the 12WBT yesterday. Going 1km as fast as I could nearly killed me - such hard work! But I did it in 9 minutes 5 second by walking and jogging some of the time. I am so much fitter than I have ever been, but still every fitness test had terrible results. I guess though the point is to measure where I am now, not to judge it - just to get better, stronger and fitter and be able to see progress over the next few months. Part of me feels like I should not have tried so hard in the 1km time trial so it looks like I improve later.

Day 3 I ahve not followed the program because lunch today was leftovers from the program yesterday - which I did not follow. I had lunch the same as from Monday, and I am staying in the calorie allocation of 1200 for women. For dinner I am doing a chicken stirfry (same as Monday that was with salmon).

Day 4 and Day 5 I am at a course/seminar and they provide lunch, so I'll just try to keep to low calorie options. Not sure how to fit in exercise on those days, but hope to do so.

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