Saturday, May 14, 2011

88.5kg & Happiest I remember ever being

Been struggling with my weight a little and I need to get control of it. Its been challenging as its been freezing during the day and raining(6 degrees at lunchtime the other day) so the regular dog walks are less regular and less lengthy. I have also got the munchies and could eat all day every day. If I don't watch myself very carefully I will 90kg instead 85kg so I have to focus.

I am keeping up with the Body Torture classes and getting better - #4 is next week. I am enjoying my slimmer self. I am finding my balance is ok, flexibility is good for the most part, but strength and technique are low. Technique will come with time. Strength - oh boy, I can't even do one push up, even when on my knees. I'll have to work on that.

Had the best Mothers Day, just lovely. Got boots, and got to choose them myself because my actual gift did not arrive in time from my son 9I'll get that on my birthday instead) so son asked father to help by getting something else, and father let me choose my own gift. Its winter, had to get boots! And then I had a wonderful delicious perfect dinner at my favourite restaurant that night.

SIL arrived for a visit from OS this week and that was great. Received early birthday present, i fact presents! I was so spoiled. Molton Brown liquid soap, Molton Brown hand cream, Benefit Gina Perfume and hand lotion, low fat cook book, and a lovely sister bookmark.

I found some jewellery display cases (they are like fishing tackle boxes with compartments (but nicer.... made of wood and velvet) to keep my bits and pieces in. They were bigger then I expected but pretty cool. Its the first time I have something to keep my jewellery in where they are not all bunched together, rubbing together etc.

Been shopping and adding to my wardrobe an have some wonderful winter pieces. I feel better than I ever remember, life is just great. I will need to get back working soon, life isn't challenging enough. Still need to pay some medical bills, sort out some direct debits, cancel some insurance, make some claims etc.

Went to my office farewell last Thursday and it was really lovely. I even received a large indoor pot plant and a gorgeous box of chocolates. Spent a few hours there and enjoyed it. Have enrolled in a BPM course and will have certification CPP certified Process Professional. I'm looking forward to it. It might be rubbish, it might be great - I so hope its great. This is a course I have had my eye on for about 3 years.

What you will learn:

How to uncover significant ideas for improving processes permanently.
Four key 'hands-on' techniques that can be used and deployed immediately
How shifting the focus to 'outside-in' can transform complex processes
The means to redefine ANY process through the use of a proven, pragmatic method.
How processes can be harnessed for strategic long term advantage
How Performance Management can be linked to process to achieve successful outcomes.
The importance of the Business Process Professional in guiding your business to success

What you will take away:

SIX Hands-on toolkits
Case Study Examples
The Process Audit template
Working pack and links to supporting resources
Steve's latest book
A completely new way of looking at process!
CPP level certification 1 & 2

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