Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 1 - 12WBT 89.4kg

Yay, Day 1 and just in time to help me stay out of the 90kg range!! I did the Super Shredder DVD for the first time. It goes fast, way too fast for me, but she has easier options and says just to do what you can. She (Michelle Bridges) has a nice way about her. She is encouraging. I could not do the whole DVD and keep up and not stop, but I got through it and I'll get better. Anyone can, at any fitness level and any weight. You have to adjust and do your best.

My right knee hurts. It started hurting last week and that stopped me doing alot of the jumping. I don't know what is wrong with my knee but I hope it gets better! I don't notice it unless I put pressure on it. Normal day to day activities are fine.

I went shopping yesterday and bought all the food. Un-toasted muesli for breakfast was skipped (I got up late). Lunch of rice cakes with avocado and turkey and a touch of cranberry today was surprisingly quite nice. It felt good to be eating something healthy. I'm looking forward to the salmon stir-fry tonight.

I have not done the fitness test yet - 1km times as fast as you can (crawl, walk, run), sit-ups, push-ups etc. Will do them soon. We repeat this every 4 weeks to see progress. I am feeling really positive and happy that I have started well and am on the program. It makes me feel quite good about myself that I am doing something positive for my health and fitness.

Dinner was amazing! It was a really super simple salmon Stir Fry with Chinese broccoli, spring onions, red capsicum - with the salmon marinating in ginger, garlic and soy sauce for 5 minutes. I'm so motivated that I'm off to an evening Body Pump class. Its also because tomorrow is my birthday and while I plan to be good, I am likely to be going out for a dinner and not following the program. So today needs to be an especially super-good-day so I don't have to feel too guilty tomorrow. The day after will also be a super-good-day.

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