Sunday, May 22, 2011

89.4kg Start the 12WBT tomorrow

I joined the 12WBT and then I kinda freaked out and stupidly ate alot, including TimTams and other bad things. So my weight blew out. I feel awful about it, but there is no use dwelling on it. I did it. I have to face the consequences that now I have more to lose. I was finding it hard to get towards 85kg and knew I was I was heading toward 90kg. A fine line is 87-88kg! I know that joining this challenge will help me get down through the 80's. I never want to see the 90's again.

So today is Sunday and I have printed out the grocery list to go shopping with. When I signed up I did so for the exercises, not the food, and intended to use the food as a guide only. But the more I thought about it the more I realised that following the food was a big part of the success that resulted for so many people, and further, that I am exercising alot, and it is in fact food that I have too much of.

I know people that get up every morning and go for a jog, and yet they are overweight and remain overweight. They whine about it, and yet I see them eating high fat, high carb foods all the time. I am doing the exact same thing. Also the people on the challenge from previous rounds say the food is actually ok, that we might be hungry in the first week if we are usually big eaters (yes that's me) but we will adapt. That is one of the things that impresses me about this program, the people that have gone on it all rave about it. They love it and come back to do more. There was one girl on the forum last night who after week 6 last round just kinda got slack and so is back more determined than ever. The fact that these people have such good things to say, have success, and come back is a pretty good thing.

I'm a bit anxious about it, I'd hate to fail. But I am going to give it a go and I have the cardio DVD for tomorrow ready to go.

My schedule looks like this.

MON - Dog Walk, Cardio DVD, Pump Class in the evening optional
TUES - Dog walk, Toned DVD or a Pump Class if I can find one on
WED - Morning Body Balance Class, Dog Walk, Cardio DVD
Thurs - Dog walk, Toned DVD during the day or Pump Class in the evening
Fri - Dog walk, Yoga/pilates DVD
Sat - Group Session and/or Shredder DVD
Sun - Rest day, dog walk only

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