Monday, May 16, 2011

88.7kg Working hard

Yesterday I went back into the 87's but today, back in the 88's. I just have to keep working hard at it. Yesterday I also went to my first Body Pump class, not bad for a Sunday morning. Went well, just had 2 x 1kg weights. Early in the morning in bed I could feel my thighs aching. Its bending down and up that hurts the most.

Yesterday when I saw I was back in the 87's I decided to go to pump. So this morning seeing I was back in the 88's I decided to go for a big walk with the dogs, went for 5.5km and felt every second of it. I was tired and aching, but determined to get under 85kg.

Found a great recipe for a salmon and watercress salad with a miso dressing. I'd like to eat more food like that.

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