Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 7 12WBT 89.1kg

I have kinda stuffed up the 12WBT. Tues was my birthday and Thurs and Fri I was at a course, fully catered for by the hotel it was located at. Fri night got myself a sore throat and a cold that made me feel lethargic. So I didnt get much exercise done on the weekend, though I did do the cardio DVD and I did walk the dogs for 30 minutes each day. Yesterday I did half the cardio DVD and then stopped and did house work.

Today I have had muesli for breakfast, smoked salmon with snowpeas and capers for lunch and I have a chicken and vegie soup on the stove. I've done lots of chores and running around. Yesterday cleaned out the study and my wardrobe and have a little load to take to the tip. My home has very little crap in it now - just things I use :) Its funny how nice it feels when life and home are free of clutter!

Took the dogs for a one hour walk today and burned 500 cals doing that.I have not given up on the 12WBT. I have learned some good filling and healthy low cal lunches and dinner. The salmon stir-fry is amazing and the rice cakes with turkey, avocado and cranberry sauce are really good.

I'm on the rest of that course Wed, Thurs, Fri and then my sister and her man come to visit this weekend, so its another week of not following the plan. But I will try to eat well and I will get in as much exercise as I can. Then next week see if I can do this better.

For now the goal is to stay under 90kg and then to head towards 85kg.

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