Friday, May 20, 2011

88.7kg and signed up for Michelle Bridge's 12 WBT

Had a family dinner last night, ate to much, but not mountains. Was very enjoyable with my SIL and her family with my hubby and son. The big news about me is that I read about Michelle Bridge's 12 week body transformation challenge on a forum, checked it out with no intention of going on it, but found myself motivated and signing up.

I'm looking forward to it. It starts Monday 23rd May. While it has exercises and and food program, I intend to follow the exercise program and use the food program as a guide. I have a friend joining too, she is in a different city to me, but that's ok - it will be good to do it together.

I bought Michelle Bridge's 3 DVD set - Crunch Time today - $37 rather than $29 for each DVD. Need to get some dumbbells over the weekend and some ingredients for the food she recommends.

My 1 Month goal is to get under 85kg, and my 3 months goal is to be in the 70kg range.

Inspiring person and pics

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