Thursday, November 10, 2011

87.5kg 9th November

Very happy to be in the 87's. Slow journey, but I'm not complaining. Here is my progress during the Michelle Bridges 12WBT
Week 0 - 92.4kg
Week 1 - 90.5kg
Week 2 - 90.1kg
Week 3 - 89.5kg
Week 4 - 88.7kg
Week 5 - 89.5kg
Week 6 - 88.7kg
Week 7 - 88.7kg
Week 8 - 87.7kg
Week 9 - 87.5kg

Next week I will be in the 86' and then I will have 2.5 weeks to get into the 85's to meet my goal of being 85.something by the end of the challenge on Dec 4th. It will be amazing to be in the 85's instead of the 95's!

I'm doing Thump Boxing classes which is really a bit of boxing and cardio and a bit of strength training - a good mix. I do Body Pump - all strength training. I started Body Combat on Sunday and went again tonight and it mainly cardio work. I wish I wasn't so uncoordinated and learned more quickly, but I'll hopefully get there. I have the thought during the class tonight that I just can't do it - but I want to get good at it. I also intend to get back into Body Balance and do that sometimes too.

I've been sticking to 1200 calls 6 days a week. I'm using more and more of the program meals and some are fabulous, most are pretty good.

So I'm focusing right now on getting to 86 next week, and then 85 in a fortnight.
When I make this goal by Dec 4 then I will focus on maintaing and slowly get to under 85 and stay there until the new year. I'm intending on joining Rond 1 for next year Day 1 of Preseason an zoo how close I can get towards 70 before Day 1 starts. Then I'll get into the 70's in Round 1 - Maybe I can be close to 75kg by my birthday. That's kind-of exciting to think about.

Oh and I can 10 pushups on my toes now!! When his started in August I could do 2 on my knees and that was it.

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