Monday, October 31, 2011

31st October - 88.7kg stagnant

I need to get to 85kg by Dec 4th. 5 more weeks.
I've been slack - I eat too much. Must correct that.

I am moving more than I ever have. I am fitter and stronger than ever in my life.
But to lose weight I need to curb my eating.
I know what to do, its just the little 'never minds' here and there.

Today I wrote down all my meals for the week - I am planning.
I also wrote down all my exercise for the week - more planning.
And I stuck them on the wall.

No icecream
No timtams

Snacks will be fruit, low fat jelly, plain popcorn, hot drinks

I will get to 87kg soon and then 86, then 85kg.
And then I will start Round 1 2012 under 85kg and get into the 70's!
Just thinking of being in the 70s feels so good.
I want to feel it for real.

Importantly I need to active losing 3 more kilos for this round by Dec 4th.
It is possible, I just need to focus and be really determined.

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