Tuesday, October 18, 2011

18th Oct Tuesday 88.8kg

Had a good food day yesterday and also did Body Pump, CXWorks and Thump Boxing back to back. Feeling amazing after that. Hoping weight will drop a good amount by tomorrow morning for the week 6 weigh in. I need to be very good today and have a very low cal day.

Dr Kamale said I looked just fantastic, and he said that my eight keeps going down. He has me down as 108, 103, 98, 85, 91, 88 something like that. He said I should stay between 122-144 heart rate, but if i wanted to, he had 'no problem with boxing 2-3 times a week but try not to go over 170 bpm'. He sent me off with a blood test form, for a full screen for Dr Cunningham 13/12 and to check thyroid levels because if thyroid levels are not right then that would be an issue. He also checked my blood pressure, it was about noon and it was 121/82 or something like that - he said very good.

I worked out the other day I need a waist of 80cm to be healthy, and to stop risk of diabetes - currently I am 105cm
I worked out that to have a healthy BMI I need to be in the 60kg range
So that means I have another 20kg to lose - but I'm just going to take it 5kilos at a time.

There are 7 weeks left to 12WBT Round 3. If I lose half a kilo a week I will be under 85kg by Dec 4th.
Then I can head to the 70kg range :)

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