Sunday, October 9, 2011


Bad week.
Monday I did backmto back pump and boxing, burned 1000 cals was so happy.
Tuesday I was sore so did not exercise, andnlet myself eat a little more than I should (should have stuck to strict clean eating!)
Wednesday I had weigh in, was sorer than Tuesday so only burned 200 cals walking the dogs, ate too much, not heaps, but over 1200 cals.
Thursday burned 10000 , ate clean
Fri burned 500 cals, ate ok
Sat feeling weak and weird, burned 500 cals in pump + 15 mins cardio, ate bad at night Inc salami, bi is hits and Icecream with Milo
Sun burned 500 cals doing pump and cardio
I'm working hard, eating too much. Still I don't think that explains 500g increase. I was 2nd over we'd weight Friday night.
It's frustrating. very very frustrating.
But the good thing is I don't feel like giving up.
Another good thing is that I am in the 80s and there are still 8 weeks to go on the 12WBT Round 3.
I want to end this at or under 85kg. So to do that I need tom decrease my weight by 500g every week.
I just don't know how I can donthat this Wed when that's a kilo from where I am now.
I'll just whati do and keep going.

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