Monday, October 10, 2011

89.2kg start of a new week, pulling myself together after a bad week

I felt do badlast week, what a roller coaster it was.
I felt great doing a double class on Monday but in the week I fell off the wagon three or four times, put on 2kg at one point!

I have identified that when I do well such as a double class, a massive cal burn or a great weigh in, I then allow myself to eat more and move less...and thereby undo my good work. Guilt then sets in, as does eating more and moving less and a cycle starts that is no good.

Today is a new day, a Monday, the start of Week 5 of the 12WBT and a new start for me.
I undertake to be consistent this week.
Eat 1200 cals a day.
Burn 5000 cals 5 days a week, 1000 1 day a week.

I started by keeping under my cals and doing a triple calls set tonight ( Body Pump, CXWorks, Thump Boxing) and burning 1038
Thump Boxing instructor Kate is wonderful
Body Pump instructor Leanne?? Is nothing short of awesome.
I feel strong. In feel good.
I know weigh in this week might record a gainer no loss, but I won't let that get me down.
I'm working towards week 6 weight in and week 12 achievement. I can't wait to feel how I will a Christmas.

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