Tuesday, October 4, 2011

88.6kg Yes!

On Sunday I was 89kg. Had a free eat whatever day, went to a gourmet supermarket, had bits of nibbles and different things. Brought home no cheese though I adore it. Didn't eat heaps, I was careful, but inate way way way more than I should have all the same.

On Monday the scales sucked at 89.5kg. So I went to the gym after an early dinner at 5pm, and I did a Body Pump class followed by my first Thump Boxing class and burned 1095 calories. Then this morning I weigh 88.6kg! Yes!!! So happy! Soooo rewarding! I just want to record a good weight tomorrow ornign for my official weigh in.

I'm proud of myself because I tried a Body Step class for the first time last week and a Thump Boxing class for the first time this week.
Thump Boxing http://www.thumpboxing.com/about-thump is great.
All fitness levels can do it, but if you can't go on the cross trainer or treadmill for 20 minutes yet, I'd wait, it keeps you moving alot.
You do alot of boxing and kicking and in-between some pushups, some sits ups, some lunges, some light running.....not heaps, but some. If everyone is doing 10 pushups, you can do 2 - i did 3 LOL.
So glad I did it. Will go back every week.

NB. Deficit calorie calculation is tweaked
Calories eaten 1200 - BMR 1623 - calories burned 550 = deficit of 973 / 1 kg per week loss (correction or being more specific below)
Updated to
Calories eaten 1200 - BMR 1623 - calories burned 550 = deficit of 973 a day, 973 x 6 days = 5658 is estimated 0.5 kg per week loss
This 0.5kg loss is exactly what I have been getting.
Now that I am upping the cal burn, I may startlosing a bit more than 0.5kg a week,

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