Wednesday, October 5, 2011

88.7kg 800kg loss for theprevious week

3.7kg lost since August - 800g lost since last week.

Preseason start weight August 92.4kg
Sept 7 90.9kg week before week - 1.5kg
Sept 14 90.5kg week 1 weigh in - 400g
Sept 21 90.1kg week 2 weigh in - 400g
Sept 28 89.5kg week 3 weigh in - 600g
Oct 5 88.7kg week 4 weigh in - 800g

800g loss this week. I was hoping for a kilo but I'm thrilled. A few hours later I did weigh a kilo less thannlast week, but it doesn't matter.
3.7kg gone

Very sore yesterday and today, did no exercise yesterday and only 200 cals burned walking dogs today. Not eating well yesterday and today. This is wrong. If you cant exercise you must eat especially clean.
Others on the program are losing the same as me, some less but alot of people are losing 1-2nd a week. It's tempts me to follow the food part of the program strictly. It really does. But then I wonder if I would be able to keep the weight off beter than this who followed the program strictly.... I don't know.

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