Saturday, October 15, 2011

15th Oct Sat 88.8kg

Weight is back on track. Was 88.5 yesterday.
Bought boxing gloves, pads, wrist wraps and a bag for the gym during the week. Then I realized that I should check with my doctor about the intensity of my exercise with my blood pressure issues. Bugger. I hate that I have to watch it for that, I'm loving pushing myself, especially in boxing but my heart rate is at 170-180bpm then I have a feeling it's too high. Doctors appointment is Monday, specialist appointment is 13 Dec.

Went to the gym today but only did half an hour. Felt so tired, lacked energy. Did 15 mins on the treadclimber and 15 on the expresso bike. Burned 270 cals. There is not enough air in that gym. I need air, I always need slot of air, but I also sweat alot. Some people don't sweat much at all and they don't like the fans on. There is pump instructor who doesn't like airconditioning or fans on. I'm like WTF?? I'm dying here! I'm the person who positions herself where the air hits best.

Got a bit annoyed as well. Infinallybfound a little device that is an FM radio. Well it plays FM radio but it can't get the radio stations at the gym. I don't know if something is wrong with my device or something is wrong with the gym, and in suspect its the gym. I look forward to moving to a new gym. I'll miss the classes and the instructors, and the other particpants but not the gym itself.

Well I'm aiming for the 87's now.....bring them on, it seems such a long hard slog to get here. But I'm liking feeling more fit and healthy, even if the scales aren't moving down as much as I would like. It's frustrating but I have to keep going and push on. I know the results are there for the taking if I just keep going.

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