Sunday, October 2, 2011

89kg 3.5 kilos lost in 6 weeks

89kg, finally getting out of the 89kg range....again. I was 89.1kg last week, I can't explain why my weight went up and then stayed up all week, despite me burning 500 cals every day, 800 at least on Friday and also Saturday which probably broke through it. Now I have to see that it doesn't go up again. I don't mind it going up a couple of hundred grams and then down into the 88kgs. But if next week is spend in the 89s again, I'll be very frustrated.

This week coming is Week 4 of the Michelle Bridges 12 WBT Round 3.

Up until now I have been working on how to burn 500 cals a day. I've been trying different exercises. I've been trying different recipes and eating more healthily. I've beennlosing on average 500g a week since mid August and have lost 3.5 kg in 6 weeks.

Week 3 was the first week I burned 500 cals min, 6 days a week.
Week 3 was the first time I tried a Body Step class
week 3 I joined a gym and started using cardio equipment
Week 3 my weight was stagnant all week and I put on 500g so it was a bit tough but I kept going

So week 4
- I will be better with food
- I will have my second week of burning 500 cals min 6 days a week
- I will weigh in with a number starting with 88 (fingers crossed)
- I will have my 3rd Sat of burning 800 cals minimum
- I will Definitely break into the 88 kilo range ( down from 92kg +)
- I will walk my dogs as well as go to the gym ( I have been going to the gym instead of walking the poor babies)

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