Monday, August 22, 2011

92.5kg A week on pre-season 12 WBT done

So glad I joined pre-season. I am learning heaps. I had no idea how off track my mind set is. I think when you get it right, its great but when you go off track you often don't understand how badly off track you are. That said, I am highly motivated. I'm making some big mistakes and working towards replacing bad habits with good ones, but it being pre-season is great. The 12WBT forums are so good, so many people all in it together. So though I put on weight, I'm not letting it get me down because I know I am getting things right in my head.

In the last week I have learned or realized the following;
1. I have been missing breakfast ..... gettng up, exercising, checking emails, having a shower and then it's lunch time. Michelle Bridges says the majority of her clients who are overweight have been skipping breakfast
2. I have been unconsciously eating, even when not hungry

Recent Mistakes
- Today I was busy and got hungry. I saw a McDonalds and remembered someone said the sweet chilli chicken wrap was not too bad in cals. So I got one and ate it. Later, on my way home I got a piece of banana cake, thinking that was a healthy choice. When I got home and put them into the food diary I saw the chicken wrap was 550 cals and the banana cake was 330 cals. OMG. I have to just get alot more careful! I'm so glad I am learning this during pre-season. The challenge starts officially on Sept 12.

Will do;
1. I will have breakfast, muesli is my default breakfast,with lite soy milk
2. I will record everything eat in MyNetDiary iPad app. I will eat well during the day so I do not eat snacks.
3. I will brush my teeth after dinner, and not eat anything else

1. Bought Wii Zumba on eBay, not received yet
2. Bought MyFitnessCoAch, Shape Up Wii game on eBay, after it was highly recommended by DOLers
3. Went and bought Michelle Bridges Crunchtime cookbooks today
4. Can not forget saying I burned 380 cals this morning, and done exercise evey day in the last week.
5. Downloaded and using MyNetDiary to record food and exercise and weight and measurements

Thinking about;
Getting ankle weights for my walks to burn more cals in the same amount of time
Getting a row machine for exercise, probably hire one

Saw the movie Red Dog on the weekend, great movie. I cried through most of it, but I loved it and it was more beautiful than it was sad.

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