Monday, August 29, 2011

91.4kg heading to 90kg

Current goal is to be in the 80 kilo range by Sept 12, day one of Round 3 12WBT. That is a loss of 2kg in less than 2 weeks.

Normally that would be too much to expect in two weeks for me, but I have not been losing weight so I should be able to do it. My thinking behind this goal is that if I can get into the 80's during preseason, then I will have my head in the right mindset for the 12 WBT, unlike last time where I bombed out in the first week.

91.4kg today. Yay, I was 92 yesterday. Will try to be in the 90kg range in the next day or two. I've been 92 for too long. I can do this. I'm off for exercise, my goal in to burn 500 cals, it's hard doing it while walking, seems to take forever, but with my ankle weights and my determination I'll just push harder faster.

I've been better with snack, having alot less and lower calorie ones. I'm thinking more consciously about what I snack on, rather than just blocking out thoughts of calories and 'dealing with it later'. So I bought carrots and celery the other dayfor snack. Have not used them yet, but it's a start. I bought rice crackers instead of tim tams and other biscuits. Ate half of those. I bought a packet of vanilla ice-cream low fat slices at 100cals each, and had one with some fresh strawberries the other night, it was really lovely and relatively low calorie for me.

Must remember to drink loads of water in the earlier part of the days.

I did burn 550 cals. I nearly gave up at 250 cals, then again at 350 cals, but I kept thinking that my goal was 500 cals as i had written here and I wanted to achieve it. By 400 cals the goal was close and I did not feel tired and it did not feel hard, I had a new feeling and did the final stretch to get to over 500 cals.

What I learned was that it is powerful to write my goal down here.
I also think that a 500 cal burn is needed to lose weight, in fact to make Michelle's 7000 deficit goal a week to lose 1kg it's 1000 cals a day. OMG! That can't be right.

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