Saturday, August 27, 2011

91.7kg Sat 27 Aug

Still on the preseason 12WBT. I've learned alot. I'm recording all my food, exercise, weight etc on MyNetDiary iPad app. I've been doing exercise every day burning 250-400 cals every morning. I'm really happy with myself with making exercise a part of my every day life. Recording the food has been effective and I can feel myself improving. I can feel my head getting in a better space for losing weight.

I know it shouldn't be that difficult, I should just do it. But for some reason it's not that simple. So I use MyNetDiary. I weight myself every day. I record all my food. I exercise every day using my HRM. Sometimes when I want to stop exercising I remember Michelle's words....turn into a robot, stop thinking, just do it.

I have found a low cal delicious meal. Tom Yum Soup. I use a packet mix, 600ml water, 100g udon noodles, marinara mix from Woolworths, some chinese vegetables like baby bok choy sliced into more edible pieces, some thickly sliced Swiss fresh mushrooms (fresh shitake are nicety add too). All I add is a splash of lime and few snakes of fish sauce. It's fabulous.

I'm getting more and more focused. Pre season is exactly what I needed. The hardest things not eating all the things I like, apple pie and vanilla ice-cream, lemon meringue pie, almond magnums, macadamia and caramel Sara lee ice-cream, popcorn, tea & biscuits etc.

I plan to be in the 80's before the Round 3 starts and closer to the 70's than the 90's by Christmas.

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